domino folds

There is seriously nothing that will crush my spirit more than a great magazine going under.  Last summer, when Jane and Blueprint closed their doors within a month of each other, I almost didn’t recover.   The only thing I could think was, “At least I still have domino.”

                                                                                Domino Magazine, April 2005 - March 2009, R.I.P.

As you can imagine, I’m not taking the news well.  Around noon today, Conde Nast announced that domino was ceasing publication with it’s March issue.  Around 80 people will lose their jobs.  I suppose I can’t be too terribly surprised, since we’re in the middle of a recession and housing-market crash and no one REALLY wants to read about buying $400 lamps for their newly renovated master bedroom when they can’t afford to renovate, much less buy $400 lamps.

But domino’s following was a strong one.  Like Blueprint before it (R.I.P.), it was a shelter magazine that targeted younger, hipper females.  It was flawed, to be sure.  Very few of the women in domino’s target audience could afford half the stuff in the magazine.  But at least it was inspired and fresh.  And there are VERY few shelter publications left that can offer that (note that Conde Nast chose to keep Architectural Digest which is as much a publishing dinosaur as it’s name suggests).

The real question is this:  How many pictures can I swipe from the online galleries before they take the domino website too?

Domino Magazine, April 2005 – March 2009, R.I.P.

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