Snow day!

After missing two whole days of work last week, I can officially say that Snow Days are not all they’re cracked up to be.

For one thing, I stayed inside my house (excepting a quick excursion to the EZ Mart – on foot) from Thursday around midnight until 2pm Sunday afternoon.  I was too afraid to drive in such treacherous conditions.  The boyfriend was snowed in at his place until late Saturday and I was out of coffee.

And as much as I love my job or the boyfriend, it was lack of coffee that had me pulling on boots and a parka to trek to the nearest gas station this weekend.  My roommates had friends over so we made an outing of it.  I love that being snowed in, albeit for only 48 hours, brings out the resourceful scavenger in people.  We were like bears preparing for hibernation – all we wanted was to eat, eat, EAT!  And drink alcohol, of course.   But we felt the need to be creative.

So we bought a variety of over-priced miniature groceries at the EZ Mart.  A small tin of Folger’s coffee, five individual bottles of orange juice to mix with the champagne we’d been saving for a special occasion, small bags of chips so I could make dip out of all the perishables, M&Ms to substitute for chocolate chips during cooking making.

But as much as I wanted to rip my hair out by Saturday night, I will say that there really isn’t anything quite as pretty as untouched snow.  Before the cars drive over it and it turns slushy and grey.  Before children and animals or coffee-depraved adults stomp through it.  Before it melts just enough for grass to peak through and interrupt the unending white.


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