Remember me?

Please forgive my absence.  A lot of things happened all at once.

1. I spent a weekend moving.

2. The Monday after moving, I was offered an amazing new job.

3. I was extremely busy putting in my last two weeks at my old job.  They really got their money’s worth out of me.

4. I started my new job as editor of a local magazine and have been happily working my butt off getting my first issue to print.

And now that that’s done…I breathe.

So, expect many new posts to come.  My apartment is coming along splendidly and will be picture-ready soon.  I’ll even be doing a post about my first big DIY project.

But in the mean time, I’ll leave you with a photo of what $5 will get you when you shop the Kroger floral markdown aisle.

Whenever I buy groceries, I always pick up a bouquet of tulips, but because Mother’s Day is coming up, Kroger only had huge bunches for many many dollars.  Disappointed, I started to go home without fresh flowers.

Then I saw it.  The Floral Markdown Section.  Glorious heaping piles of bouquets that are just past their expiration date but, other than the occasional wilted bloom, still perfectly good.  Marked down to a fraction of their original cost.  Granted, many of the bouquets were of the slightly tacky as-many-different-cheap-flowers-as-you-can-cram-in-there variety, but with a handful of vases and twenty minutes, I had NINE attractive flower arrangements to place in every room of my house!

What $5 will get you at the Kroger Floral Markdown aisle.

What $5 will get you at the Kroger Floral Markdown aisle.

My only complaint is that the tacky dyed pink daisies turn the water hot pink.  That is NOT natural.


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