Master Bathroom progress

As promised, I wanted to share the next step in our master bathroom re-do. We hung towel racks! Woo! You see, I kinda hate those bar towel racks. They’re never centered, they’re awkward and it’s too difficult to hang a large, wet towel over them. Plus, the towel racks in our house are dingy white and scuffed metal. No thanks!

Since the look I wanted for the master bath was masculine and modern, I decided to replace all the towel racks with chrome ones in modern silhouettes. And as luck would have it, we also found a hotel-style towel rack to hang over the toilet, thus eliminating our need for towel storage in the bathroom that had none. And we found it at a friend’s yard sale for $5. Holla!

So I bribed Aaron with a delicious dinner and he agreed to use his new drill to hang all my new hardware!


Personally, I find the shapes of these chrome towel racks to be a huge improvement from the run-of-the-mill bar on the wall.

As for the rest of the bathroom, here’s what’s left on my to-do list:

1. Shower curtain – has been ordered. Should arrive any day!

2. A curtain for the chrome under-sink storage rack Aaron bought. The curtain that came with it is about six inches too short and connects to the rack with some glorified paper clips. Lame!

3. Medicine cabinet

4. Light fixture. Turns out, I’m really picky about light fixtures. And also turns out, I can’t buy a new medicine cabinet until I decide on a light fixture.

There’s no telling how long I’ll look, so be patient and I’ll definitely show “before and after” pictures once the shower curtain comes in.



Guess what Aaron and I did this weekend!!!!! Here’s a hint:



I guess we’ll never know! OR WILL WE?!


Tune in next time to find out what happens, folks.



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