Swinging 90s

Even though it’s unbearably hot outside right now, with temps in the 90s every day this week, I still find myself missing the porch swing we had at my old house. I’m talking four mailing addresses ago. It’s been awhile. But I loved that porch swing no matter how hot, cold or rainy it was outside.

I don’t think a porch swing is in my future at this house. Front porch is too small. Do you have a porch swing? Can I come sit in it? I’ll bring lemonade!

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1 Response to “Swinging 90s”

  1. 1 Shannon June 9, 2011 at 6:39 am

    You know how I feel about porch swings, Ms. Rosemary. Thanks for making this post, I didn’t realize that porch swings could be so modern. Every porch swing I’ve ever seen has the regular slatted wood and the variations seem to only come in with the choice of pillow. I mean look at the sleigh bed one with the grey-blue wood!

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