Wednesday Wishlist : Summer D.

This week’s Wednesday Wishlist comes from my good friend and local fashion designer Summer Daniel. Summer makes adorable dresses that can be purchased at Box Turtle (seen here). Reasons you should be envious of/befriend Summer:

1. She just landed every book nerd’s dream job as a librarian.

2. She is unreasonably fashionable.

3. She just got a cute new apartment, and maybe if you are her friend, she will invite you over for a drink.


I’ve been on a serious kick lately to revamp my apartment.  As a result, I have been obsessively scouring for ideas.  I still wanted to have a Southern vibe to my home so when I came across this little gem, I fell in love.  After getting seriously inspired  I came up with my top five “must haves” that would skyrocket my cute apartment into awesomeness.  Here we go….

1.  A book after my own heart…Modern Vintage Style $29.95

2. So my new home smells oh so good….KOBO Fresh Currant $38.00

3. To see my way….squirrel lamp $88.00

4. For my gallery wall…felt animal head $74.99

5. Perfect in purple…Birdcage Quiet Lilac $6.50 a yard

2 Responses to “Wednesday Wishlist : Summer D.”

  1. 1 nicole b. June 15, 2011 at 11:05 am

    Oh my goodness. Love it. Love her. I am so happy she got THE JOB. Woot woot! xo.

  2. 2 Sarah (West)Ervin June 16, 2011 at 2:30 pm

    squirrel lamp!!! lurv.

    and loving the chipper color combo!

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