Wednesday Wishlist : Bettie B. of Marvel Comics

This week’s wishlist comes to us from Marvel comic book colorist Elizabeth “Bettie” Breitweiser. Yes, you read that correctly. And I know what you’re thinking. “Rosemary, how do you know all these cool people?!?!?!” I don’t know, ok? I just do. But if we want to get technical, Bettie and I are both former Beebe Badgers. As in we went to high school together. She was homecoming queen.

I was….not.

You can see more of her coloring work on comics such as the Hulk and Captain America (I know. I KNOW.) here. But read on to find out how she’d color her kitschy kitchen.

I took inspiration for my wish list from one of the greatest vintage cook books in the history of man, Betty Crocker’s Dinner for Two.  This little midcentury gem features beautiful illustrations from one of my very favorite artists, Charley Harper. As a kid, I would spend hours pouring over my grandmother’s first edition copy, soaking up it’s whimsical illustrations & cleverly written anecdotes.

I’ve decided this summer I want to give my own kitchen a healthy dose of that same vintage whit and whimsy:

1. Winking Wisecraker Jar.

2. My newest obsession: Collecting swoon-inducing shades of vintage Pyrex.

3. For your wall or your nosh: Natural World Dessert Plates.

4. Strawberry-Rhubarb Apron to flutter about in.

5. And of course, a new pair of shoes to make sure I personally match all of my new kitchen accessories! 😉

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