I was going to do stuff tonight.

When I got home from work today (after stopping by the store to get paint samples!!!), I had big plans to get started on the hall bathroom, do some cleaning and finish up some laundry. After I “whipped up” enchiladas for the first time.

I’ve never made enchiladas, and I did what I normally do where I scan a recipe, make sure I have everything that’s necessary for the recipe and don’t pay attention to how much time it takes to actually cook.

Fast forward two and a half hours and here we are. Just sitting down to eat enchiladas. But it’s worth the wait because these enchiladas are DOPE.

I just got off the phone with my friend Lyddy who I consider a connoisseur of Mexican food. She reminded me that they sell enchiladas “pre-made” at Mexican restaurants everywhere. But Aaron shook his head fiercely in protestation, proclaiming my enchiladas better than even the great, almighty Senor Tequila.

I used the chicken enchilada recipe from Annie’s Eats and stuck to it pretty closely. I highly recommend Annie’s blog. I’ve made a million of her recipes and they’ve all become staples. Most of them are boyfriend and family friendly, too. Her panko-crusted salmon is a weekly meal for us these days because it’s super quick and easy.

As for the enchiladas, I’m proclaiming these bad boys as “weekend” or “special occasion” foods only. I think I just started planning my next Mexican fiesta house party. You bring the ‘ritas. See you there.

1 Response to “I was going to do stuff tonight.”

  1. 1 Bradley Fogleman July 29, 2011 at 3:01 pm

    Those look delicious. I also happen to make a bitchin’ margarita. 🙂

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