Fashion Recaps of the Past

This week, I’ve faced quite the dilemma. One that can only be categorized as a first world problem. Tonight’s MTV Video Music Awards will show a sneak peek of the upcoming Hunger Games movie, which (duh) I’m dying to see. But just the thought of sitting through the VMAs is something I haven’t been able to stomach for many years.

Well, always one for silver linings, I’ve decided to view this as an opportunity to flex my somewhat weakened sarcastic muscles to get in top form for events season, which is just around the corner. Let’s be real – the VMAs should offer me many more bad outfits than good, right?

So while I’m taking meticulous notes, I thought I’d leave you with a few favorite moments from past fashion recaps. Enjoy.

(Click the photos for the original post.)

“Color: Good. Cut: Bad. Though it was sweet of her to pay homage to Blanche Devereaux.”

“I’m not going to rip on this look too much because a) Hailee Steinfeld is, like, twelve and b) it’s probably the closest that anyone is going to get to even remotely pulling off something from Prada’s Spring collection (yeah, I said it).”

“Oh my god, y’all. Thank you sooo much for votin’ me this year’s Miss White County Dairy Farm Queen. I am so honored to serve y’all. And 1997 is going to be the best year yet!”

“Thank god Zara Phillips survived such a terrible accident and was able to make it to the royal wedding. Oh, you didn’t hear about her unlucky fate? A Star Trek space ship flew straight out of the 70s and into her head. After hours of surgery, they weren’t able to remove it. But at least she survived.”

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