Recipe Recommendation : Pioneer Woman’s Big Steak Salad

I’ve decided to occasionally recommend recipes that Aaron and I try. About 99% of the recipes I make come from the internet somewhere, and since I’m always falling down on my blogger job of taking pictures while I cook, I figure I should just post a link tot the original recipe here. So I’m gonna do that sometimes. Ok? Cool.

Tonight’s recommended recipe: The Pioneer Woman’s Big Steak Salad

Oh. Em. Ree.

I could seriously eat this every day, and I’m not a steak person. Never have been. My dad was always appalled when he’d grill steak, and as a kid, I’d have to smother it in ketchup to eat it. But the marinade that Ree’s recipe calls for makes this steak sooooo delicious. I added a little extra lime juice and sriracha and let the steaks marinate overnight, so they’d been in the marinade about 24 hours when Aaron threw them on the grill. Also, the dressing is so good I want to keep it in my fridge to put on salads all the time.

Also, we’re not bleu cheese people, so I sprinkled some shredded monterey jack on top of the salad because it’s all we had in the fridge. It wasn’t bad, but you also couldn’t really taste it, so next time, I’ll save myself the calories and not use a cheese at all. Trust me – it doesn’t need it.

My only other note is that I was lazy and used French’s french fried onions instead of frying my own. Oh, and despite what the recipe says: DON’T PUT YOUR PECANS ON WAX PAPER. It will totally stick and you will desperately pick out the pecans for way longer than you’d like to admit.

We’re medium-well people, so I’m a little weirded out by these photos. A band-aid and a good vet and this cow would be good as new. Do you eat steak? And if so, are you part wolf like Ree?

{all images via the Pioneer Woman}

1 Response to “Recipe Recommendation : Pioneer Woman’s Big Steak Salad”

  1. 1 nicole b. September 16, 2011 at 8:54 am

    Looks delicious! I LOVE Bev Cooks recipe for Mexican steak salad. I made it a couple of weeks ago – and mentioned it here:

    It was a BIG hit with my husband. His “review” of it: “That was f*cking awesome.” ha. xo.

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