Bathroom Blues

If you can remember that far back, I had once, long ago, started painting the hall bathroom. I got as far as painting the ceiling white, then began trying green paint samples. My plan was green paint with pink tile in a preppy, country club sort of way.

I tried seven different green paint samples.

Nothing worked. I didn’t like any of the colors, so I just left patches of green paint all over the walls and decided to think on it some more. I even looked around for shower curtain fabric, hoping to pull a green color from a fabric I liked.

And still….nothing. I didn’t absolutely love anything I saw. The whole idea was starting to feel really forced. I put it out of my mind and began work on the guest bedroom, and of course, as soon as I quit TRYING to figure out the hall bathroom, I had an epiphany.

It was brought on by this photo:

You see, I’d been wracking my brain for a color that looks good with pink. Everyone recommended gray, but I’ve got way too much gray going on in this house already. But navy blue? I hadn’t even thought of navy blue! It still has that preppy feel I was going for with green, but much more dramatic. Paired with pink tile and accessories, and graphic pops of white, it would look modern and exciting, but not too serious to clash with the feel of the other rooms in the house.

So I put this together:

A crisp white shower curtain with navy trim sewn on, a white mirror, and white floating shelves over the (white) toilet break up the navy paint, so the dark color wouldn’t feel overwhelming in a small space.


See what happens when you quit trying to force an idea on a space? This came naturally and I couldn’t be more thrilled. What do you think? Am I totally insane?

The room above by Mary McDonald (of course) is painted in Benjamin Moore’s bold blue. Here are two more shots of the same room:

So tell me what you think. Also, here are a few more navy rooms, for your viewing pleasure:

1, 2, 3 | 4 | 5 | 6


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