Bathroom Blues : The Reveal

As  you might recall, the hall bathroom was a bit of an eyesore. Ugly gray paint on the walls, ceiling and most of the tiles, slung across the floor and dripping from the light fixture. Pink tile. One million awkwardly placed bar towel racks. After painting the ceiling white, I struggled for awhile with which green color to paint the walls, before suddenly deciding it was navy blue or nothing.


Thus began the mess. The hall bathroom had lots of imperfections in the walls, made worse by all the towel racks that needed to be removed and patched. Oh yeah, and a vent that was surrounded by a shoddy patch job.


Foreman Lula checking things out. So as you can see, what I’d planned to be an afternoon paint job turned into a week long construction project. But finally, it was finished. And it was lovely.

So what’d I do?

1. Awhile back, I painted the ceilings off-the-shelf white with Olympic Zero VOC paint. I got out that same can of paint last week to paint the trim bright, shiny white.

2. I painted the walls Benjamin Moore’s Bold Blue using their Aura interior paint, which is not only LEED and Green Guard certified, but a great paint for dark colors. I only barely needed a second coat of the stuff and did this whole bathroom with less than two quarts.

2. We removed all the bar towel racks (three of them) and replaced them with three towel hooks and a hand towel rack. We also replaced the toilet paper holder with a one that matched the towel racks and moved it up and over, because it used to be in a very awkward spot (close to the toilet and very low to the ground).

3. We replaced the patched up and painted over vent cover with a shiny new white one.

4. I added a floating shelf above the toilet and am considering hanging a second above it. I haven’t decided. What do you think? Another shelf or no?

5. I took a couple of IKEA frames from our recent Dallas trip and filled them with a couple of my favorite photos from Pinterest. Printed off on a color printer. Because spending money on artwork isn’t at the top of my priority list right now.

Is this bathroom finished? Of course not.

What I still need to do:

– Replace the brown, paint-splattered shower curtain with a new white one. I’m thinking floor to ceiling with navy grosgrain trim.

– Replace the brown, dingy bathmat with a white or navy one. I think navy might be a bit more forgiving. What do you think?

– Replace the off-white window shade with a pure white one. That shade was supposed to be white when I ordered it, but I was so desperate to get some privacy from the neighbors that I hung it up instead of returning it. Whatevs.

– Get a vanity! I have my eye on this one.

– Get a nice big mirror to replace the medicine cabinet. I’ve never shown you inside that cabinet because I’m so scared to open it. It’s like something straight from a hospital in a zombie movie. Rusty metal, broken glass…sheesh. My hope is to find something thrifty and paint it white.

– New light fixture. The current one is rusty and covered in paint.

– And, of course, replace the doors. The thing at the end of all my to-do lists.

So, yes. I still have a long way to go, but I’m still very pleased with my new bathroom. The dark paint camouflages the many imperfections in the wall, compliments the pink tile and somehow, surprisingly, makes the bathroom feel bigger. I think the blue walls feel like outer space or something.

What do you think? All opinions are welcome, but favorable opinions are preferred. 🙂



5 Responses to “Bathroom Blues : The Reveal”

  1. 1 Anne S November 22, 2011 at 11:02 am

    Darling so far. Do not put up another floating shelf. The “law of threes” is in play here. Since the shelf is adjacent to the two very cute pictures adding another shelf would actually throw the balance off. I vote for a WHITE bath mat. It echos the white fixtures and lightens and brightens the room. Plus, I think white is always easier to keep clean. You can bleach it. It also shows less dirt than a dark one. Cute idea with the ribbon on the shower curtain. Have you considered skirting the sink with a similar idea? All you have to do is attach sticky velcro to the sink and then have your mom craft a skirt and attach velcro to that. Viola! Cute, sassy, and extra storage.

  2. 3 nicole b. November 22, 2011 at 11:36 am

    Huge improvement so far! Digging that color, and it’ll pop even more with white shower curtain, white bathmat, white shades, etc. LOVE the DIY wall art; that’s an idea I might steal one day. Nicely done! xo.

    p.s. Did you discuss painting the ceiling? We painted ours – after a round of bleaching the mildew off of it (eww) then priming it with Kilz – and it made the space seem much bigger.

    • 4 rosemaryonthetv November 22, 2011 at 11:54 am

      I think I mentioned it. We didn’t need to bleach or Kilz it, luckily. It was just gray and needed a coat of white. I did it months ago, and yes – just like alllll the other ceilings in our house, it felt like a weight was lifted from my shoulders!

  3. 5 Judy October 16, 2013 at 7:24 pm

    Love that synchronized swimming image! How can I locate it on Pinterest?

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