The Hallway : A Retrospective

Aaron and I are neck deep in this door project. What we thought would be a nice little Saturday project has also turned into a Sunday and Monday project, with prospects of becoming a Tuesday-Friday project.

It’s cool. We’re too busy installing doors to be mad about it.

But hey, while I get back to work, I thought I’d leave you with some “before” photos of the hallway. Because having ALL NEW DOORS in the hallway (which is, like, 85% door) means I’m going to have to get it in gear and repaint the walls and ceilings, and fix some REAL ugly stuff that’s happening in there.

Like I said, this hallway is 85% door. Our tiny hallway has 3 bedroom doors, a bathroom door, a linen closet door and another 18″ door that opens to a sort of half closet (it’s really little!).

Turning your attention upward, you’ll see the attic door, an outdated light fixture, a plastic box from the outdated security system and the uncovered remains of a doorbell that doesn’t work. Meanwhile, the pullstring on the attic door is actually a ripped and re-tied cord with – get this – an empty embroidery thread spool. Like from Hancocks. That my mom had drawers full of in the 80s. And probably still does, actually. Who makes a pull string out of that?!

A closer look at the attic door. I’m not sure why it’s so riddled with holes. I think someone did that on purpose.

The doorbell (left) and the old security system box (right).

And now, a look at the actual doors. They’re all unpainted hollow core doors with mismatched, worn handles and a few extra surprises for the lucky homeowner. Tell them what they’ve won, Jim!

“Well, Rosemary, today’s homeowner receives doors with scratches left by the previous owners dogs, or possibly that evil baby from American Horror Story!”

“Order now and we’ll throw in a cracked door for no additional cost!”

“And today’s free gift with purchase : a door with a big, fat patch in it! A value of $49.99, yours FREE!”

So you see we clearly have our work cut out for us. Stick around, because tomorrow, I’ll show you how to rip out ugly doors. I’m great at that.

Oh yeah, and also how to replace them with new ones. I’ll explain that too.


2 Responses to “The Hallway : A Retrospective”

  1. 1 Jennifer Freeman January 10, 2012 at 10:53 am

    Okay, you must message me and tell me where this house is. I picked out a house for ex to buy and it looks almost exactly like this … gray walls and attic chute included!

  1. 1 The Big Door-y Reveal « rosemary on the tv Trackback on January 10, 2012 at 7:31 pm

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