How I Spent My Saturday

Saturday morning, Aaron got up early, borrowed his dad’s truck, went to Lowe’s and bought 130 of these:

And then, two by two, I put them here:

We settled on something close to this shape. At the far side of the house, the pavers curve away from the house, creating a circular bed at the corner of the house, it then evens out about four feet from the house and runs parallel, until it curves away again, creating a second semi-circle that hugs the sidewalk and whose shape mimics the bed on the other end. At the driveway, we decided to have the pavers curve into the corner, instead of having those two pavers that run parallel to the driveway (I didn’t get a picture of that part I guess…).

So here’s a SUPER rough/unfinished “sketch” of our plan thus far. We want to plant a small, flowering tree at the corner of the house with some plants around its base (we’re thinking Jane Magnolia). We have some small boxwoods we’re going to replant across the front of the house, and we’ll line the whole bed with flowering annuals that spill over the edges. By the front porch, I’ll flank the steps with large containers, planted with pretty seasonal flowers.

It’s the part in the middle we’re still unsure about. The boxwoods we have are pretty small, and I think we need some taller, flowering plants to intersperse. Aaron thinks taller plants will make the house look short. We’re also wondering about planting a large flowering bush/plant behind the tree at the corner of the house, but will that be weird?

Any advice is welcome!

In the meantime, I gave the front porch a mini-makeover with two hanging baskets from Lowe’s. I filled them (and the small pots) with pansies and snapdragon that I’m crossing my fingers won’t die.

Things I’m bad at: Sports. Singing. Plants.


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