Al Fresco Adventures

You know what kind of weather we’re having? Too nice to sit at your desk weather, that’s what. Having spent the last two weekends landscaping the front yard, my mind has been wandering to the back yard and our future patio that we keep talking about building. My sunburned shoulders and sore thighs want to punch me in the face for thinking about it, but I can’t help it! I want a place to sit outside and enjoy al fresco dinners!

Then today, Glitter Guide posted some great tips for picnics and I realized I don’t need a patio for a backyard picnic! All I need is a blanket, some delicious food and maybe to sweep the area for any gifts Lula has left us. Yes, I’m one of those people who doesn’t clean up after my dog. Not in my yard at least. Do I come to your blog and judge you? No.

As for the food, I’d keep things simple with nuts, cheeses, fruits and maybe some homemade granola, but for the main course, wouldn’t these fried green tomato po’ boys be perfect fare for a sweet, Southern picnic? Especially paired with a couple of cold beers.

And if I really want to get into the spring of things (Haha, get it? I’m so hilarious.), I can bring my little portable iPod speakers out with me and play this great Spring Break playlist from Wit + Delight. You should do it too! Only invite me if you do. It’s the only fair way.

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