mixing prints : let’s discuss

In theory.

Let’s have a frank conversation about mixing prints. Frank because I will admit: I’m a bit scared of it. So far, we haven’t really verged into decorating territory in our house.

Oh, there’s been some curtains here or a duvet cover there, but we haven’t made it down to the nitty gritty yet, having instead stayed in the large furniture/painting/project arena.

But once those projects near completion and we’re purchased our major furniture (it’ll happen…………….eventually), there will be drapes to make, pillows to purchase, rugs to decide on.

So what’s the secret?

Because It’s Awesome explains in four steps in this post:

  1. Pick a large-scale pattern with many colors in it: This one will set the tone for the whole room. The more colors it contains, the easier time you’ll have finding textiles to fit the mix in the room.
  2. Pick a medium-scale pattern with a few colors found in the first pattern:  Doesn’t need to have all the colors, but it definitely should have a different motif.
  3. Now, pick one small scale pattern with just a few or one of the colors found in the first two: This one can have a similar motif as one of the first two.
  4. Bonus: Add one or more very small-scale patterns or textures.

In execution.

Helpful? Yes. Am I still a scaredy cat? Definitely. So what about you? Do you have any tips or tricks for mixing prints?

{click images for sources. tips from because it’s awesome.}


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