sunday laziness vs. sunday awesomeness

What happens when you are like me and spend your Sunday being lazy? Well…not a whole lot. There was some breakfast eating around noon. Some Harry Potter watching throughout the day (Thank you, ABC Family!). Some Fantastic China eating that night.

But what happens when you spend your Sunday like Aaron, being awesome and productive? Well…some landscaping projects get finished. That’s the difference between me and Aaron.

Let’s back up and start from the beginning:

At the end of the Great Landscaping Debacle of 2012 (read about that here), we’d used up all our pavers and were tired, irritable, sore and cursing the landscaping gods/our previous homeowners for what we had just done. Suffice it to say, we weren’t really in the mood to run to Lowe’s and pick up 20 more pavers for this final little spot on the other side of our porch steps.

It went un-landscaped for a couple of months, then this weekend, the temperature dropped 10 degrees, which – if you are unfamiliar with Arkansas summers – makes all the difference in the world. Our series of 100+ degree days has made landscaping out of the question and singed our flowerbeds to a very sad state. So when the forecast called for a 92 degree weekend, we decided to finish what we’d started.

So Saturday we went to Lowe’s and bought 22 more pavers, some sand and some adhesive. Then Sunday, while I was being lazy around the house, Aaron went outside and just a short while later, he came back in and announced he was finished. He had even lifted that HUGE HEAVY pot filled with dirt.

I didn’t even get any progress photos. That’s how quickly he finished this project. If you’d like to know how we did it, I suggest you read about our landscaping adventures here and here.

Also, I’d like to introduce you to Hillary and Roger, who have made themselves at home burrowed under our pots. New friends!


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