That’s how I feel right now. I want a new backdoor for our kitchen so badly! That backdoor is probably the ugliest thing in this house and I’m dying to get rid of it.

But (and this is a long and complicated story I’ll explain later) we can’t replace the backdoor without tearing up the kitchen floor. Which was on our long-term list of projects. But we ordered a door before realizing this. So we were like “Ahh, screw it! Let’s rip the floor up now so we don’t have to return our pretty new backdoor.”




And then we realized we might have asbestos.  SO YEAH. We had to return our beautiful new backdoor and put this whole kitchen project on hold while we decide if we want to spend LIKE A GAZILLION DOLLARS ripping our (maybe asbestos ridden) floor out.

Sorry to whine. I need to look at pictures of cute stuff while I COOL MY JETS, guys.








All these pictures are from Pinterest. And yes, this is actually all I’m capable of tonight.



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