Fiddle Me This

Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree | Rosemary on the TV

I thought you might like a little green this St. Patty’s Day! Our newest addition arrived this weekend – a fiddle leaf fig tree! My mom got this for me for my birthday a few weeks ago, but since FLF trees aren’t exactly easy to come by in Arkansas, we had to special order it from The Good Earth Garden Center. Three weeks later, voila! She has arrived!

Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree | Rosemary on the TV

FLF trees are native to west African rain forests, which means they can be tricky to keep alive as houseplants. They need lots of indirect light, not-too-much moisture, and you need to wipe dust from their huge leaves every once in awhile. I’m not exactly a green thumb, so I’m crossing my fingers that my tree will thrive on the right mix of internet gardening articles and my undying love for it.

Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree | Rosemary on the TV

I chose to keep my FLF tree in the container it came in, but I dropped the ugly black container down into a pretty basket from Target with a  clear, plastic tray in the bottom to catch excess water. Aaron gifted me the other two baskets from this Threshold set. They’re currently sitting on the other side of our media console, holding blankets and Super Nintendo games (because adulthood).

Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree | Rosemary on the TV

I blogged about FLF trees here way back when, so check out all the pretty pictures in that post. The above photo is my favorite, because FLF trees not only grow to be pretty big if you let them, they grow toward light, which is so weird and cool and Suessical. Also, hopefully this marks my last FLF tree post, because I’m officially out of fiddle-related puns.

Now, everyone say it with me: “Thanks, Mom!”


1 Response to “Fiddle Me This”

  1. 1 Nicki Cloonan March 20, 2014 at 10:36 am

    Belated Happy St.Paddys Day from Ireland, love the plant!

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