$50 DIY Floor Mirror

Honestly? This post should be titled “How NOT to make a DIY floor mirror” because I pretty much did everything you shouldn’t do when making a DIY floor mirror. But it’s a true testament to the ease and awesomeness of this project that – no matter how much you screw up – you can’t actually screw it up.

$50 DIY Floor Mirror | Rosemary on the TV

(image via Live the Home Life)

I originally got the idea from my friend Cara’s blog, Live the Home Life. Cara is a DIY warrior and she threw this little project together so easily, that I thought, “Oh, I can totally do that! No problem!”

Over a year ago, I bought a full-length, beveled mirror from Target – one of the frameless ones that you mount on the back of your door. They’re super inexpensive, about $15. But thinking I’d eventually get around to doing this project, it sat in the box collecting dust. Fast forward a year, and I finally got my butt in gear.

What You’ll Need:

Three boards – I used 1″ x 10″ 6-foot long boards, but I’d recommend 1″x8″

Frameless door mirror

Miter saw

Staple gun and staples

Gorilla Glue

Wood Filler (for emergencies)

1 quart wood stain



$50 DIY Floor Mirror | Rosemary on the TV

Reading Cara’s instructions, I knew I needed three boards – two for the long sides, and one that I would cut in half and use for the top and bottom – a miter saw, a quart of stain, some staples and Liquid Nails. My mom had a miter saw and staple gun, so I went to Home Depot for the rest. Cara used 8″ boards to make her mirror, but I thought I’d beef mine up a little bit and use 10″ wide boards instead.

$50 DIY Floor Mirror | Rosemary on the TV

Mistake #1: Don’t assume your mom has a miter saw, because sometimes, moms’ miter saws break and they don’t have them anymore.

$50 DIY Floor Mirror | Rosemary on the TV

So that was my first mistake, but since I’d already bought all the stuff, we decided to try with a skill saw instead. The longer boards on each side needed to be 48″ long with 45 degree cuts on either end. The shorter top and bottom boards would be 12″ long with 45 degree cuts on either end. Ideally, the four pieces would fit together perfectly, which meant those 45 degree cuts had to be perfect.

$50 DIY Floor Mirror | Rosemary on the TV

We used a ruler to draw a 45 degree cut, cut it with the skill saw, then used the first piece as a stencil for the other pieces. If you aren’t power tool savvy, the difference between a miter saw and a skill saw is this: miter saws sit on a table and make near-perfect cuts. Skill saws are handheld and do not.

So let’s just consider this Mistake #2: don’t use a skill saw when you really need a miter saw.

$50 DIY Floor Mirror | Rosemary on the TV

Because once all the cuts were made, we weren’t even close to having four pieces that fit together. Distraught by this failure, and unable to stand not having a power tool when she needed it, my mom went off to buy a miter saw the next day. We made the cuts again, trimming off a little from the boards, which meant the four pieces would fit together a little more snuggly, and less of the mirror would show in the middle. But we were only losing about a 1/4 of an inch on all sides, so this was a minor problem.

However, this didn’t fix everything.

$50 DIY Floor Mirror | Rosemary on the TV

Mistake #3: Miter saws don’t cut anything as wide as a 10″ board.

Yup, my genius idea to “beef up” my mirror backfired in my face. Miter saws can only cut wood that’s about 6-8″ wide. And here I had four 10″ boards. By this point, I wasn’t going to look back. So we did the best we could making the cuts and laid out the four boards to see how close we’d gotten.

$50 DIY Floor Mirror | Rosemary on the TV

Um, not that close. Cara used a staple gun to staple the four pieces together, then filled in with a tiny bit of Gorilla Glue.  So I did the same.

$50 DIY Floor Mirror | Rosemary on the TV

For extra support, I added brackets to the back. And then I put a little extra Gorilla Glue in the cracks.

$50 DIY Floor Mirror | Rosemary on the TV


Some of the glue leaked through the crack to the front of the mirror and I spent 20 minutes trying to clean and sand the spots away. Even then, there were huge gaps in the cracks on the front of the mirror.

$50 DIY Floor Mirror | Rosemary on the TV

So I ran to Sherwin Williams for some Wood Filler. This stuff is magic. It’s just putty that you swipe into the crack, then use a wet rag to wipe off the excess. Unlike caulk, it’s paintable and stainable.

$50 DIY Floor Mirror | Rosemary on the TV

Once that was dry, it was time to stain. I used Minwax Wood finish in Dark Walnut, for a really dark, rich finish.

$50 DIY Floor Mirror | Rosemary on the TV

Unfortch, I must not have gotten all the Gorilla Glue off, so there was some discoloration on those spots, but nothing too obvious.

$50 DIY Floor Mirror | Rosemary on the TV

Once the stain was dry, we laid the wood down on some newspaper and traced around the inside edge with LiquidNails, then gently laid the mirror down in place. I put some magazine  holders full of magazines on top of it over night, and the next morning:

$50 DIY Floor Mirror | Rosemary on the TV

I had a beautiful floor mirror that cost about $50. Despite the many mistakes I’d managed to make during the project, the mirror turned out beautifully. Which goes to show: it really can’t be screwed up.

Cost Breakdown:

1″ x 10″ x 6 ft boards: 3 at $9 each = $18

Liquid Nails: $2.50

1 Quart of Minwax Stain: $8

Wood Filler: $8

Frameless beveled mirror: $15

Gorilla Glue – already owned

Staple gun, staples and saws – already owned by Mom

Total cost: $51.50

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