Happy Weekend + Foxglove Love

The bad news: it’s raining cats and dogs right now. Dogs especially, since I’ve got not one but TWO fur babies who are afraid of thunder piled at my feet right now. My mom’s dog, Henry, appears to be as scared of thunder as Lula is. Whatevs, y’all! More cuddles for me!

Happy Weekend + Foxglove Love | Rosemary on the TV

But the good news is that all this crazy rain we’ve had lately is doing wonders for my flower bed! Our Jane magnolia is in full bloom AGAIN, even though Jane magnolias typically bloom in April. And I’m especially pleased with my foxglove! Up until a couple of weeks ago, all I had was a mound of greenery. Everything I read on foxglove said that they typically don’t bloom in their first year of planting. You get a lot of greenery and maybe a stalk, but don’t expect blooms.

UM, SO WRONG. Three of my four foxglove plants have stalks coming up but one of them is completely bloomed AND it has a second blooming stalk as well. It’s currently about three feet tall and getting taller every day! Gorgeous, huh? So glad I planted these this year!


Hope you have a great weekend ahead! If you’re in the Little Rock area, my super cool friends Christie & Caleb of the super cool Roll & Tumble Press are having an EPIC moving sale in the morning! I’m sad they’re leaving us but not above fighting for their stuff (that bar cart…I can’t). It’ll also be their annual Misprints sale, so if you’ve had your eye on some Roll & Tumble prints, now’s the time to snatch some up at discounted prices! If you’d like to come shop, email me for details: rosemaryhallmarkcreative (at) gmail (dot) com.

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