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Royal Wedding Fashion Recap : Hats off to Britain!

So. The  royal wedding. I guess you heard about it?

I did not get up at 3:00am to catch it live, but I did get a chance to watch it last night. And I’ll tell ya, those Brits and their crazy hats did not disappoint. Actually, I feel like a lot of the ladies were trying to out-crazy each other. And I loved it!

Let’s get right to the most important question. Kate’s dress. I give it a 9.5 out of 10.

Obviously, she chose the Grace Kelly route rather than the over-the-top Diana route, and I commend her on that. There’s no doubt that this dress will withstand the test of time. I give it 9.5 instead of 10 though because I do feel like she could’ve pushed the envelope just a TEENSY TINY bit and been just slightly more modern with the dress without veering into “that dress was soooo 2011” territory. Know what I’m saying?

For the reception, Kate changed into another Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen number – a much more modern strapless gown with a fuzzy shrug. I got my modern in the end, I guess. I think she did an excellent job on both dresses. This dress is so beautiful, but wouldn’t have been appropriate for the ceremony, and I love that she jazzed it up with the shrug.

Also – I’m pretending that Camilla was in her robe here, waiting to put on her reception dress. That moomoo can’t actually be what she wore to the party, right?

Then there was Pippa. I’m hearing a lot of Pippa hype in the aftermath of the wedding. Yeah, she’s cute. But I was a bit underwhelmed by her look. That short-sleeved, cowl-neck, pointy-toe shoe thing seems a bit dated. BUT LOOK AT THOSE CUTE FLOWER GIRLS! Sheesh.

Aaaaaand now to the hats. For being the mother of a princess bride, Carole Middleton looked surprisingly understated, keeping things simple in a sky blue jacket and matching hat. I guess it wasn’t really her place to make a statement. This is definitely one wedding where the mother of the bride is usurped by the (grand)mother of the groom.

And speaking of old QEII, NY Mag hit the nail on the head when they said that her choice of happy yellow seemed very non-passive aggressive, considering her grandson was marrying a commoner.

The other woman in the photo…oh, haha, I mean Camilla. The way her hat bows upward combined with the face she’s making makes it look like the wind is blowing REALLY hard right in her face.

The fathers looking awfully goofy. Prince Charles looks like a political cartoon caricature of George Bush, and I really love that Michael Middleton chose to wear a top hat. He kinda resembles Mr. Bean.

Charles’ oldest sister, Princess Ann, arrived wearing EXACTLY what every old British lady should wear to a wedding.  Spot on. It’s ridiculous yet perfect.

By the way, I read that the official photo wire produced approximately ten times more photos of the Beckhams than Princess Ann. Which tells you who Brits consider true royalty.

Fergie’s daughters, Beatrice and Eugenie, are the real life equivalents of Anastasia and Drizella. Amen? Amen.

Let’s get a closer look at this:


Here’s the thing about Tara Palmer-Tomkinson’s outfit. She might’ve looked classy, despite the canoe duct-taped to her forehead. But the fact that she chose to wear the exact same shade of royal blue from head to toe, just made her look like a Disney villain (a recurring theme at this wedding, no?).

Thank god Zara Phillips survived such a terrible accident and was able to make it to the royal wedding. Oh, you didn’t hear about her unlucky fate? Amazingly, a Star Trek space ship flew straight out of the 70s and into her head. After hours of surgery, they weren’t able to remove it. But at least she survived.

All I have to say about this is : How in the heck did Joss Stone get invited to this wedding?! If she got an invite, where was mine? We’re equally famous, right?

If Kate Middleton, long time girlfriend of Prince William, is the picture of class and elegance, what does that make Chelsy Davy, Prince Harry’s long time on-again-off-again girlfriend? The Tara Reid of England?

And Britain’s real royal couple : The Beckhams. Becks looks like the doorman from the Four Seasons and Posh looks like she’s ready to skewer someone with that dangerous looking contraption fitted to her head. But props on a beautiful dress, and walking in those heels when she’s pregnant.

Also, please look at that guy behind them. Feel free to laugh quietly to yourself.

Believe it or not, I can’t make fun of everyone in attendance. I loved Marina Fogle’s hat/dress/trench combo. I wish Americans embraced hats the way the British do. What I wouldn’t give to be able to wear a hat like that to weddings, funerals, Walgreens, etc.

I’m in love with this little lace suit that Princess Maxima of the Netherlands wore. I love the belt, the fit, the scalloped edges and even her understated hat. Super classy win for the Netherlands!

Princess Victoria of Sweden is always the picture of elegance and class. She is the epitome of princess in my mind.

And this was my favorite photo from the wedding. Princess Diana’s nieces – twins Amelia and Eliza with their older sister Kitty Spencer. I love the over the top hats in neutral colors.
Ok, so tell me what you thought! Who’d you love? Who’d you hate? Who was the craziest?

Also, this post is dedicated to my friend, BJ, who once told me that he was standing on the edge of a cliff, ready to end it all, when his iPhone buzzed to alert him that I’d posted a new fashion recap. Suddenly,  BJ stepped back off the cliff and read and laughed. All was right in the world.

Ceiling the deal

Welllll…we did it! We painted the ceiling in the living/dining room! And I feel like a big, dark grey weight has been lifted from my shoulders. Ahhh.

I can’t begin to tell you how much bigger and lighter the room feels. Pictures just don’t do it justice. The ceiling feels at least three feet higher than before. I can’t wait to do the rest of the house!!!!!

Sorta. :-\

Anyway, Aaron left town Wednesday morning for a work conference, so I got to work taping the ceilings and hand painting around all the edges. This was actually the hardest, most detail-oriented part and took me a solid four hours, at the end of which, it seemed little progress had been made.

A time lapse illustration:

Lula loves it when I flash the camera in her face.

Anyway, Aaron arrived home Friday while I was at work and managed to do the first coat before I got home! Then Saturday, we finished the job  together. High five for teamwork (though, teamwork is not displayed in these photos…someone’s gotta hold the camera!).

And now for the big reveal!  A before shot, to remind you of its dark, dankness:


Now, let’s all breathe a collective sigh of relief. Ahhhhhhhhhh.

If you’re considering painting your own ceilings, we bought a five gallon bucket of flat ceiling white from Sherwin Williams. The technical color is “Alabaster.” According to Aaron, it’s recommended that you not use a bright white on ceilings. We’re hoping that the five gallons will last us the entirety of the house…but we’re not totally sure. So I’ll be sure to keep you posted on that.

It’s tiiiiime! The official “before” house tour.

Sorry for the lack of Monday Mood Enhancers yesterday! I was working on a freelance project, then after work, I went to help Aaron with some yard work at the new house (more on that to come).

Before I start talking about before-and-after projects, I thought I should show you all some photos of the house, since I got some empty “bare bones” photos over the weekend.

Here you go:

The front of the house! There are already improvements, but I’ll show you those later.

The living room. And yes, that is dark grey paint. AND YES, they also painted the ceiling dark grey. (???!?!?!!?)

Going directly through the doorway and turning to your left, you enter Bedroom Numero Uno. Also grey. With a grey ceiling. This room will eventually be the office/media room/man cave to end all man caves.

The next room down the hall is the first full bathroom. With grey paint. And pink tile. All design input is welcome. :-\

Moving right along, at the other end of the hall, we have Bedroom Numero Dos. Pretty basic, you know…WITH GREY WALLS AND CEILINGS. Grrr…This room will probably function as a guest bedroom and I think I’ll keep my desk in here, making this room Rosemary on the TV’s official headquarters. 🙂

From Bedroom Numero Dos, you take a right to enter the master bedroom. It’s a lot larger than it appears in this photo and has two large closets and a master bath:


The doors directly ahead are closet doors. The door on the right leads back out to the hallway/guest bedroom, the door on the left leads to the….

KITCHEN! You can’t tell from this photo, but that oven is the biggest, most beautiful thing I’ve ever laid eyes on.

And turning around, a doorway leads back to the dining/living room. And yes, we plan to keep that bronze chandelier EXACTLY as we found it (jk).

One last look at the living room from the other direction, for good measure.

And that’s that! Lots of potential, but lots of work will be involved. I know I’m up for the challenge!

A girl can dream.

And this girl is dreaming about quaint little cottages in the English country. It baffles my mind that places like this exist (except that last one, which, I just read, was a fake, fiberglass house built especially for the movie “The Holiday”).

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Weekend Style : Show Goin’

Want to know the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?

Ok, here it is: Outside the realm of imaginary playworld blog land, I would never actually wear this outfit. It’s not that I don’t wish I could, but…well, you see, um…I never wear shorts. Like, ever. And if by some stroke of luck you’ve actually seen me wear shorts (liar – I can’t remember owning a pair since about the 6th grade), you understand why this is one look I just wasn’t destined to rock.

But, this isn’t reality. This is Rosemary on the TV. And on the TV, I WEAR WHAT I WANT!

I’m going to see Big Boi tonight, so this Weekend Style post is dedicated to all the people in the club who, tonight, will cut a rug, and throw the deuce up in the sky just for the shutterbugs.

I recited that in my most Hamlet-y monologue-y voice. Concert attire, y’all. Check it out:

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Oscar Night Fashion Recappaowiiiikkkkkkkkkk.

Oh, sorry. That was my head hitting the keyboard as I fell asleep just thinking about it.

In an attempt to make the 83rd Annual Academy Awards more young and hip, they paired two totally unrelated and uber-awkward non-comedians as hosts, showed clips from old movies, made Bob Hope appear via hologram, included a number of references to Facebook and texting (included a completely tired “There’s an app for that” line), and asked Kirk Douglas to present an award in the most awkwardly funny five minutes of Oscar history.

So, yeah. All in all, a great success. Or something. It was 1 part awkward to 4 parts snoozefest. And I kinda feel like the red carpet was a perfect precursor to how the rest of the night would ensue: a little boring.

But there were  a few great looks. So why don’t we jump right in with those?

Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis in Elie Saab. Fantastic. There is, in my opinion, nothing wrong with this look. She’s gorgeous, that dress is gorgeous and in a sea full of somewhat boring ensembles, this color was unexpected – in the best possible way.

I might catch some flack for this, but Cate Blanchett in Givenchy Couture was at the top of my list. This dress was like art. Maybe the show and the red carpet fashion had me in a boredom-induced coma, but I thought this was one of the most exciting dresses of the night. Cate looked beautiful and I truly believe she is one of a very small number of Hollywood actresses who could pull of this dress. And she did. Bravo!

Oh, Anne. My girl, Anne. You started off so well. This Valentino Archival number was so perfect on you. And then, the show started. And it was alllllll downhill from there, wasn’t it? I’ll catch up with Anne in a moment.

All I know about Camila Alves is that she’s Matthew McConaughey’s perfectly tan, thin wife. And she looked 100% totally perfect in this Kaufman Franco dress. The black was understated, so she didn’t get a lot of attention, but I love the revealing top combined with the huge skirt.

If I look a fraction as good as Helen Mirren does when I’m her age, then I will consider this a life well lived. She’s so classy and always dresses age appropriately even though she’s totally got the bod to rock something younger if she wanted. This Vivienne Westwood gunmetal gown was so on trend, so flattering and so age appropriate without being boring. High five, Helen!

Hailee Steinfeld in Marchesa. But not just any Marchesa. They asked her to draw her “dream dress” and then they made it for her. I mean, a professional stylist couldn’t have done a better job making her look beautiful, timeless and most importantly, her age.

***** Before I move on, I’m going to give quick shout outs to Halle, Hilary, Natalie, Michelle and Jennifer Hudson, who all looked great but didn’t stand out enough for me to include them with my favorites. I gotta edit, y’all, or we’d be here all day. *****

To the stylist who told Amy Adams to wear that weird, green necklace and bracelet: YA FIRED!  That necklace completely RUINED an otherwise perfect look. I loved the blue dress by L’Wren Scott. Apparently, she’s wearing $1.3 million worth of jewelry. About $1.3 million too much, in my opinion. Diamond drop earrings and a tennis bracelet would have been more than enough.

Dear Sandra: See Amy. She has a necklace you can borrow. This Vera Wang gown is gorgeous, but something is missing, don’t you think? A necklace would have done the trick. Or maybe a softer hair or makeup style. This all seems really harsh.

Jennifer Lawrence looked smokin’ last night. Great hair and makeup, and she’s clearly got the body for a dress like this one from Calvin Klein (Did anyone else see her bounce on over to Al Roker from the red carpet last night? Yowza.). But try as we might, we alllllll thought it when we saw her.

While her hair was a vast improvement from the Golden Globes, Scarlet’s dress did nothing for me. She looked stiff, and the high lace neckline felt a wee bit Victorian. It was backless but…who cares?

“Oh my god, y’all. Thank you sooo much for votin’ me this year’s Miss White County Dairy Farm Queen. I am so honored to serve y’all. And 1997 is going to be the best year yet!”

The fact that Gwyneth Paltrow made a number of “Best Dressed” lists today makes me really sad. The Calvin Klein dress isn’t terrible, but it’s not fabulous or even provoking in any way. Except maybe for that weird hip brooch. Let’s give her the “Most Strangely Placed Accessory Award” instead of Best Dressed why don’t we? I think she has the potential to be so beautiful, but more times than not, she just looks so….blah. And don’t even get me started on that barf-inducing country music performance (or the Michael Kors dress). Girl. Just stop.

Does anyone remember trying on prom dresses at Elle? Yeah. That’s all I have to say about this.

Yikes. Baby girl is one Dalmation away from looking like Cruella DeVille.

I love Florence and the Machine, and I would have been disappointed if Florence Welch had shown up looking just like everyone else, but I’m pretty sure she pulled this out of either a) her grandmother’s closet, b) the nearest Goodwill, or c) her high school drama department’s costume closet.

Ughhhhhhhhhhh. Melissa Leo totally freaks me out and makes me super uncomfortable. For one thing, trade ads trying to convince the Academy to vote for you for Best Supporting Actress? C’mon, girl. Then, you show up in an ill-fitting dress that looks like a football uniform made out of a doily. THEN, to top it all off, you win anyway and give the most obviously rehearsed “Oh my god I can’t believe it!” speech that’s ever been practiced in front of a bathroom mirror. Barf.

And back to Anne. I love Anne Hathaway, but she and James Franco hosting together made for a super awkward evening, don’t you think? She needed some of his calming remedies (ahem) and he needed some of her happy pills. She seemed too desperate to be liked, and he seemed embarrassed to be on stage with her. No chemistry whatsoever.

As for her million outfits, some were better than others, but when a beautiful young girl is hosting the Academy Awards, she should be dressed in the most fabulous dresses in existence. These were so not.

These were a little better, but she seemed uncomfortable in the white dress and a bit stiff in the blue:

But the Vivienne Westwood tux was adorable (as was her musical number) and the Versace red was super flattering on her.

Aaaaaand that’s all folks. What are your thoughts? Do you totally disagree with me 100%? Did you sleep through the entire show? Are you so happy The King’s Speech won? Me too.

Working hard, or hardly working? Office upgrade!

Lately, I’ve been feeling the need to inject some life into my office at work. I’ve been at this job nearly a year and haven’t done anything to my desk to make it my own. I need a space that inspires me, for goodness sake! I’m in a creative profession!

So here’s a little roundup of desktop accessories that would liven up my desktop!

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 67 | 8 | 9

And below, a few inspiring spaces that I totally envy!






Valentine’s Day Gift Round Up!

It’s heeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrreeeee. Well, it’s almost here. And if this post makes you realize you’ve got a significant other to shower with gifts and only a week to find the perfect one, then NO NEED TO FEAR FOLKS. I’ve got you covered, whether you’re a guy with a girl or a girl with a guy or a guy with a guy or a girl with a cat. Whatever floats your boat, folks.

For her:

1. Kate Spade Love Notes Pendant Necklace, $75. 2. CrabbyChris painted lips pillow, $38. 3. sequin heart clip, $15 each. 4. DuWop Lip Venom, $16. 5. Furbish Studio Mr. and Mrs. hand towels, $30. 6. LeCreuset heart-shaped casserole dish (!!!!!!), $159.99. 7. This is For You, Rob Ryan, $11.50. 8. Kate Spade Romeo & Juliet Book Clutch, $325. 9. DVF Kiss My iPhone Cover, $20. 10. Tory Burch Je t’aime Paperweight, $48.

And when in doubt, a bouquet of her favorite flowers will always do the trick.


And for him:

1. Urban Outfitters App Magnets, $16. 2. Freehands Cashmere gadget-friendly gloves, $80. 3. J.Crew Lotsa Hearts boxers, $18.50. 4. Jack Spade Kiss Ass Wallet, $115. 5. Jack Spade Bones Money Clip, $65. 6. Maker’s Mark Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whisky, $40. 7. Dirty Jokes Every Man Should Know, Doogie Horner, $9.95. 8. xoelle red gingham freestyle bow tie.

My teeth are chattering!


It is SO COLD. I woke up this morning with a layer of ice – ON THE INSIDE OF MY WINDOWS! And my bed is pushed up against a window, so I basically slept next to a sheet of ice last night. With the heat running and my radiator next to the bed.

So I could do a post about wishing it were sunny and summertime or that I was on a beach somewhere, but truth be told, I hate summer more than winter. Blistering heat? Please. Give me sweaters, coats and blankets any day. So rather than posting images of sweat-inducing locales, I’ll post about cozy cabins and fireplaces and stuff.

I miss my fireplace.




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Screen Actors Guild Awards Fashion Recap

I feel like kind of a phony writing this post because I don’t have cable, and since the SAG awards showed on TNT last night…well, I didn’t watch them. However, that hasn’t stopped me from scouring the interwebs today looking at photos from last night’s dresses. And I have to say, last night showed DEFINITE improvement from the Golden Globes. Don’t you agree? Here’s hoping this is one step toward fabulous red carpet style at the Oscars!

First, some of my favorites:

Loved Mila Kunis in this Alexander McQueen dress. She seems to have a fiery, yet laid back personality, so I thought the print, color and flowy feel all worked.

Claire Danes has been hitting it out of the park lately. I am in love with this Louis Vuitton dress, everything about it except the belt, which hung down a bit low in the front, don’t you think?

Heeeeey girl! While Tina Fey usually has the good sense not to arrive at awards shows looking like a total fool, she usually wears something tasteful and stays below the radar of fashion critics – from both the best and worst sides. But girl BROUGHT IT last night in this red lace Oscar de la Renta number with spot-on hair and makeup. Bravo, girl.


Jayma Mays looked the best she ever has last night. This dress was an unusual color, but she totally pulled it off.

Ok, seriously? How good does Amber Riley look? I think she looks amazing. That’s all I have to say about that.

Hooray for a vast improvement from the Golden Globes! Natalie looked stunning last night. I’m so glad she chose not to try to hide that bump. It never works, y’all. We know you’re pregnant. We won’t hate you for it. As a matter of fact, it’s pretty much the only time you can wear a dress that screams “look at my big ole belly!” and get away with it.

I think Lea Michele always looks great on the red carpet and last night was no different. It was even a sexy departure from her usual ballgown and updo. I’m noticing a lot of belted dresses, and I can’t decide if it’s a trend or if it was just a fluke. Your thoughts?

I’m not going to rip on this look too much because a) Hailee Steinfeld is, like, twelve and b) it’s probably the closest that anyone is going to get to even remotely pulling off something from Prada’s Spring collection (yeah, I said it). But still, she reminds me of candy corn.

I love her. I hate this. The halter straps around her neck go under her boobs, in case you can’t see it in the photo. That is weird. And while I can commend any girl who isn’t afraid to flaunt her ivory skin (I’m obsessively applying self tanner as I write this), this color just didn’t work on her. And I can tell you that if you ever see ME with my hair pulled back that tight, it’s only because I either haven’t showered or my first attempt totally failed. Just sayin.

I keep eyeing this dress trying to figure out what, exactly, I dislike about it. Maybe it’s a bit prom-y. Maybe it’s the color. Maybe it’s because Winona looks totally uncomfortable in it. Regardless, I don’t like this look. Nor do I like her ponytail (?).

This dress was way too frou frou for Angie Harmon. She has all the perfect hair and bone structure to rock a really hot, sophisticated look, but instead she looks like she’s late for a Pretty, Pretty Princess slumber party.

While there’s nothing wrong with a pink dress, this one was just….blinding. It’s hurting my eyes right now as I try to type this. While the shoulder draping could be pretty, the harsh black shoes and belt don’t work with it. And she’s got that pointy eye shadow thing going on that I do NOT like.

Like Julianne Moore at the Globes, Kim looks as though she’s been in this dress for days. It’s wrinkled and unflattering. And that one bejeweled boob is freaking me out. It looks like the weight of all those rhinestones is pulling down on that side of her dress and she’s at risk of flashing the photogs at any moment.


And while I’m on the subject of black-tie apparel, Saturday night I attended Saints and Sinners, the Arkansas Repertory Theatre’s annual ball. I wore a black dress I purchased about five years ago in New York that has proved to be a reliable go-to dress when I’m working events. It’s black, strapless, tea-length and the skirt has these little cut-out leaves all over it. And Saturday, I found an amazing black and rhinestone statement necklace to pair with it. I was totally pumped about this look….until I arrived at the event and another girl was wearing the EXACT same dress!!!!!!

And would you believe that she and I were SEATED NEXT TO EACH OTHER AT DINNER?! All you can do is laugh at the odds of something like that happening.



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