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Fashion Friday: Anthropologie VIP Opening

What do I love more than shopping at Anthropologie?

How about shopping at Anthropologie in the city where I live, with friends, while sipping wine and eating hors d’oeuvres from YaYa’s, and at the end of the night, knowing 10% of proceeds went to Heifer International? Well, I’m a lucky, lucky girl because that is exactly what I did last night.

Anthropologie Little Rock is officially open for business, y’all! Yes, the Promenade at Chenal is sort of ridiculously far away (unless you reside in Chenal, I suppose), but it is 100% totally absolutely worth the drive. I received a very nice invitation from the corporate office (someone from their PR office stumbled across this) to attend the VIP opening party last night, so accompanied by my friend Elizabeth and with camera in tow, I went to check it out.

Anthropologie, Little Rock edish

In all her glory

This little, uh, shack housed lots of adorable kitchen supplies (and a tiny hidden bird's nest in the wall).

Loved the carpeted deer head with branch antlers.

Mmm..loved the book vignettes. These were found throughout the store.

Tani and Valerie of Heifer International


It should be noted that my friend Mark, pictured above, is a very talented artist and part of the visual merchandising team at Anthro.

Elizabeth saw this jacket on my recent post and had to have it (ok, maybe I pressured her a little...)!

I wanted to just roll this entire cart home with me.

Yikes! This was moments before the nice sales lady awkwardly informed us that, um, they were preparing to close, so we should probably start a dressing room. Ha!

I kept my purchases at a minimum last night for two reasons:

1. I’m going to NYC this month, y’all!

2. Notice that beautiful ring on my middle finger? Yeah, I’d purchased that earlier in the day.

However, I couldn’t leave without this lovely lady that has now been added to my closet:

The Facile Camp Shirt which I can’t wait to pair with some black riding pants and brown over the knee riding boots. These in particular. Gush.


Anthropologie  |  The Promenade at Chenal  |  17725 Chenal Parkway

Summer Daniel at the Box Turtle Fashion Show

Oh Hillcrest. I miss you. Since moving to Quapaw, I pine for you frequently. I miss deciding to take a two hour walk on a whim. I miss being able to run to Kroger mid-cupcaking because I forgot food coloring. Just because I don’t live there anymore doesn’t mean I would fathom missing the annual Hillcrest Harvestfest, that glorious gathering of all that is good and right. And because Harvestfest fell on Oct. 2nd this year, I suppose we can call this my first ode to October in 2010!

Like each year before this, Harvestfest didn’t disappoint. Taco truck? Check. Beer stands? Check. Box Turtle Fashion Show? Double check. My friend Summer was showing her collection (available for purchase at Box Turtle, btw), so I was there, camera in hand, to document her sweet, multi-hued dresses coming down the runway.


Summer making her speech



Love this blue dress with the bow.

I love the belted dresses, which were shown in both blue and pink.

Great detailing on this dress. Loved the cut outs around the neck.

Summer with her models (image courtesy of Box Turtle)

All in all, I loved Summer’s collection! And not just cause she’s my friend (though it helps – LOVE YOU GIRL!), but because these dresses are feminine, flattering for anyone and totally, 100% wearable. A lot of them could be paired with opaques, boots and a turtleneck and worn straight through winter. If you’d like to purchase one, they are for sale at Box Turtle in Little Rock or by contacting Summer personally at


Mid-Century Madness

Being an avid (ahem…addicted) blog reader, I have 1,000s of images filed in folders of beautiful homes featured all over the web. I have images of bedrooms, bathrooms and home offices from Victorian, contemporary or rustic houses, apartments and condos. You name it, I’ve got it.

And as much as I like to drool over the interiors of beautiful homes, most of my favorite images aren’t from new construction McMansions. They are homes with architectural details, character, charm, huge windows, beautiful views, things that make great interior design that much better. And while you can apply great interior design to any home, it’s these types of homes that I know are especially hard to come by.

Last night, as I was randomly flipping through Little Rock home listings, I found that house. The one. The only. Ok, maybe not the only, but I honestly don’t believe that Little Rock is overflowing with mid-century modern architectural gems. That’s why I’m so in love with this one. Even though it’s empty, I can already see the potential it has to be my dream house.

And it can be mine for the low low price of half a million dollars. Le sigh….

Excuse me while I keep dreaming.  In the meantime, enjoy:

I love how lush the outdoors feel!

And how open the indoors feel! This house is the perfect blend of open airiness, yet still private.

Oh, hi dream kitchen. I love your openness and lightness and your rafters. Whoever made you appreciates a granite countertop but knows that nothing darkens a kitchen quicker than black countertops. I love you.

Baby’s first DIY

When I moved into my first apartment back in March, it was a solid 700 square feet. More than enough space for me and the pup. The only downside (besides a general lack of character – it was a cookie-cutter first apartment, to be sure) was the tiny kitchen with little to no storage space.

My mom was very disturbed by this.

While I tend to shrug my shoulders at things most people would find troubling, my mother was convinced that I needed more storage. And if I’ve never mentioned this, now’s the time to tell you: My mom has a lot of stuff. As the once owner/now executive director of a non-profit dinner theater, my mom has a warehouse of stuff. Some cool vintage stuff, lots of old junky stuff. People just give her stuff, assuming that any of their old junk will be useful in some play at some time.

So one day, while rummaging through her piles of junk, my mom sends me a picture text of what she says I can have to use as kitchen storage.


Yikes. That’s hideous. It’s actually upper kitchen cabinets turned upside down with a piece of countertop placed on top. It’s a testament to how desperate I was for storage that I agreed. So she loaded up her car and delivered them to me one day.

Of course, I had managed to dust off the cobwebs and apply a coat of primer when my apartment flooded. My new apartment ended up having even less storage than my old one. So finally, with a bit of elbow grease and a few bucks, I finally finished it.

And it turned my kitchen from this (painter not included):

To this:

I KNOW RIGHT?!  Do you even recognize it?! This little corner of my kitchen has turned out to be perfectly useful. The open shelving was a minimal Home Depot purchase (less than $30 total). My mom returned to screw the counter onto the cabinet, so it’s stable and I can use it for chopping or whatever. The cabinet holds all my pots, pans and other baking needs since the two shelves in my kitchen were just big enough to act as pantry space.

All that was needed:

A quart of Behr paint : $11

New hinges from Home Depot: $7 for 3 sets

These adorable knobs from Anthropologie: $24 for 3

Total: $42

Yeah. You read that right.

pickled tink!

I’m too excited about my weekend pickling expedition to worry that my heading sounds slightly pervy!

You read that right. I finally gave pickling a shot. And to be perfectly honest, I’ve got high hopes for the outcome. I say this, of course, because while my pickles and okra look amazing, I have to wait a few days to try the pickles and two weeks to try the okra!

I used this recipe for bread and butter pickles, a longtime favorite of mine because my grandmother had a bowl of them out at every meal when I was a kid. The spicy pickled okra recipe came from here.

My only regrets, in retrospect, are not packing the pickles and okra tightly enough into the jars. As it was my first try, I only wanted to make one jar of each, but when buying the cucumbers and okra, I was unsure how much would fill a jar. Now I know. You see in the photo above that there ended up being plenty of extra room for more goods.

If you’re interested in making your own, I followed the Mommy’s Kitchen and recipes pretty closely, so I won’t repost them here. But I was able to take a few photos of the process that I thought I’d share.

I started by sterilizing my jars. Because my kitchen is so small, I don’t have room for a bigger saucepan than this little one. So yeah…I sterilized those puppies one at a time.

Including the jar tops!


And while this was a tiring process for me, Lula just couldn’t last a moment longer:

Lula reaches Diva status

A big thank you to for featuring my dearest Lula Belle on today’s Pets on Furniture feature.  She’ll be insufferable, I’m sure.

P. Allen Smith’s Garden Home

Last weekend,  I was invited to a garden and home tour of P. Allen Smith’s estate at Moss Mountain Farm. While most people who read this blog are from Arkansas, where P. Allen Smith is (nearly) a household name, those of you who are unaware of this “Martha Stewart of the South” should read this New York Times article, that even references the tour/dinner party I attended.

Anyway,  knowing what I know about P. Allen, I expected a beautiful old house and garden. I did not expect to walk into my dream house.  Seriously. Dream. House. I loved every bedroom, every bathroom, every detail. I loved the gardens, the barn, the table settings for the dinner party. I was taking photos for the magazine, so (thank god) I had my camera with me and was able to snap a few to share with you here.

Moss Mountain Farm exterior

This outdoor bedroom was a favorite of mine. The day I visited, it was about 105 degrees outside, but in Arkansas, it would be comfortable to sleep in this porch room from April through October.  And I probably would.

And no, I would not hesitate to take a bath in the copper tub in the porch room.

One of my favorite guest bedrooms. (Excuse the shoddy photography – I was trying to be stealthy.)

Loved the desk with vintage fan and TERRARIUMS! So presh.

This room was on the third floor and acts as a “dormitory” for Allen’s nieces and nephews. The other side of the stairwell contained four small children’s beds, but I particularly loved this room. It’s young without being theme-y and would transition well through teenage years into young adulthood.

Moving down to the basement, I loved the faux-tree limb bed frame and framed botany prints on the wall.

Dream kitchen! Oh the damage I could do…

Off the living room and kitchen on the first floor, another screened-in room included comfy sofas and an adorably blue outdoor dining table.

Allen’s studio off the main house.

An amazing set up for the dinner party. A huge tent outside the barn with hanging baskets, linen table clothes and watermelon and tomato centerpieces.

The four-course meal included tomato and watermelon gazpacho, heirloom tomatoes with buffalo mozzarella (so good!), farm-raised chicken and vegetables and a chocolate and peanut butter mousse for dessert. I’m honestly not a huge fan of tomatoes throughout the year, but an Arkansas home-grown tomato in the summertime can’t be beat. The tomato/mozzarella course was definitely a favorite, but the gazpacho was also amazing.

My only complaint about the entire evening (other than the sweltering heat) was that it once it got dark, the waitstaff had a difficult time seeing who had been served which course. This meant lots of confusion and waiting around while everyone around you ate. The entire meal took around four hours, which, in my personal opinion, is a long time to make small talk with the strangers sitting around you. It also meant lots and lots and LOTS of flies congregating on the pans of cornbread. But other than that, I had a fantastic time.

That would be me, P. and my co-worker Jillian. The event was a benefit for the Oxford American, so I really appreciated the invitation. Definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity (though an invitation for the fall would be greatly appreciated!).

My new place!

It’s been a trying couple of months, first with moving out on my own for the first time, leaving my old job and starting a new job, my apartment flooding, going through the apartment search all over again, and moving for the second time in as many months.

But I think things have finally settled down.  I was able to get everything unpacked and moved in this weekend, and except for a couple of small household projects and necessary furniture pieces, my new place is starting to feel like home.  So I thought it might be time to share a few photos with you, but please bear in mind that nothing is finished as I’ve only been moved in for about a month.

This is the dining area/eat-in kitchen, which is what you see when you walk in the door.  The table is IKEA’s Docksta, the green chair was an $8 flea market find I bought in college, the benches were given to me from a friend who works at a Bath & Body Works store and is always giving my mom their outdated visual merchandising props (score!).  I bought a couple yards of that gorgeous fabric from Cynthia East Fabrics and my lovely mother made me cushions!  The Etsy print is from mwilson in a vintage tree branch frame I bought at Sweet Home/Clement and painted white.

Here’s a shot of the full kitchen area, taken from the living room.  When I moved in, the only kitchen storage was the cabinet under the sink and the two cabinets on either side of the window.  THAT’S IT.  I didn’t even have any kitchen drawers, much less a pantry.  Luckily, I had faced a kitchen storage problem in my last place and was working on the cabinet on the left (ignore the unhinged doors – it’s one of the aforementioned unfinished projects that I’ll blog about later on), which I constructed from a piece of countertop and some upper kitchen cabinets my mom found in her storage warehouse.  As for drawer storage, I’m using the wire drawers on my rolling cart/cutting board for now.  The top one has silverware in it, which is slightly awkward, but a small sacrifice overall.

Also please ignore the hanging lightbulb – my landlord has promised me a brand new light fixture soon!

Here’s a close up of my floating shelves, bought from Home Depot and constructed with a bit of help from my power tool-wielding mother.  Despite their looks, I can assure you that they are straight (according to the million times we checked the level).

Turning around, a doorway leads to the living/bedroom.  This large room has four huge windows, high ceilings and really pretty hardwood floors.  It was the windows that sold me.  My white couch (from which I forgot to remove the puppy-proof cover, but let’s be honest – white couches and dogs are rarely a successful combination!) is from IKEA, the vintage dresser was given to me by a friend, the bookcase is a Target purchase and at $299, probably the most expensive thing I own, and the brown chair, also from Target, was found still wrapped in its plastic at a flea market in my hometown, priced at $20 (Target price: $200).

I still have projects in mind here.  For one thing, I lost all my rugs in the flood, so an area rug is crucial.  The grid rug in front of my couch was actually a bath mat that the boyfriend managed to save in all the watery chaos.  I’ve also been meaning to recover that stinking brown chair since I purchased it four years ago, but haven’t done it.  I’m thinking I want a bright printed fabric, but can never seem to make a decision!


I’m also planning a bed overhaul.  As in all new bedding, new mattresses, new headboard, the works!  My college comforter and 1970s mattress and box spring just aren’t cutting it.  I’d also like to install some wall sconces on either side, but that will need to wait until I’ve decided on a headboard (or MADE a headboard, due to budget restraints).

My living space is small, sure, but it’s plenty big enough for me and Baby Lu, and maybe the boyfriend who finds my couch extremely uncomfortable (it was a $150 for crying out loud).  The vintage sewing desk was also given to me by a friend.  The slipper chair, like my brown armchair, was another flea market mystery – straight off the Target truck, but marked down to $20 (Target price: $160), draped with a $25 IKEA RENS sheepskin.  Artwork is all homemade except for the Dan McCarthy Harry and the Potters poster, which I love love love and do not for a moment regret having professionally framed.

On my list of things to save up for: a flat screen television.  That clunker is a solid two feet from the wall, and it’s bulky backside causes it to stick out awkwardly.

Another view of the living space.  I feel like that’s a big blank wall, but I’m having trouble deciding what to do with it.  Any suggestions are totally welcome.

And I’ll leave you with another view into the kitchen!

I’ve definitely got a lot more work to do, but it’s coming along.  No pictures of the bathroom just yet.  The only bathroom storage the apartment had was a small medicine cabinet.  That’s IT!  No cabinets, drawers, shelves, nothing!  So all of my bathroom stuff is currently stashed in big plastic containers that are stacked high enough to create a makeshift vanity.  Soon, I’ll find the perfect cabinet and give you another update!

Dreams of the garden variety.

I just came across this outdoor space on desiretoinspire and only one word comes to mind.


Roman and Williams

I will consider myself a very lucky girl if I ever have the opportunity to live in a house with a space like this.  Wow.  WOW.

I’ve been thinking a lot about outdoor space, but on a much smaller scale than this.  My new apartment has a small patio with a privacy fence that I can’t wait to take advantage of.  It even includes two small flowerbeds (though I will probably plant grass in these for late night puppy potty breaks!) and a tree!  Unfortunately, it also includes a very ugly air conditioning unit that I will have to creatively hide.  Hmm..

In the mean time, a few of my favorite outdoor spaces:



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