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Currently Obsessed: Loren Hope Designs

Loren Hope Designs | Rosemary on the TV

Loren Hope Designs | Rosemary on the TV

Loren Hope Designs | Rosemary on the TV

Loren Hope Designs | Rosemary on the TV

Loren Hope Designs | Rosemary on the TV

Loren Hope Designs | Rosemary on the TV


My birthday was Saturday (24 again!) and I decided to buy myself a birthday present – a Loren Hope Designs necklace from Proposals here in Little Rock. I’d seen the girls posting her jewels on Instagram and Facebook and fell a little in love.

Loren Hope Designs | Rosemary on the TV


I got myself the above necklace, but that led to a little online research about Loren Hope and what I found was her Palm Springs-inspired Spring/Summer 2014 lookbook, and now I’m officially obsessed with this line. I’m particularly fond of her use of green and coral together – two of my favorite colors.

Loren Hope Designs | Rosemary on the TV

So, of course, I need all of these pieces. Or at least one. If you’re in Little Rock, be sure and check out Loren Hope jewelry at Proposals Boutique!

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Essie : Merino Cool

I recently made an exciting and possibly expensive revelation.

The Target that is mere blocks from my house sells Essie nail polish.

This may not be news to any of you, but I’ve been scratching my head for MONTHS wondering where I could get Essie nail polish (somewhere besides the too-far-away, expensive West Little Rock spa that sells it).  Did I ever think to check the nail polish aisle at Target? No. Never. Too easy. Too obvious.

Well, Target, that’s the last time I ever doubt you.

For my first Essie purchase, I chose “Merino Cool.”  It looks great. More grey than the picture below.  If this color were a room, it would be modern and sophisticated with a hint of playful freshness.

More to come, I’m sure.


Fashion Friday: Anthropologie VIP Opening

What do I love more than shopping at Anthropologie?

How about shopping at Anthropologie in the city where I live, with friends, while sipping wine and eating hors d’oeuvres from YaYa’s, and at the end of the night, knowing 10% of proceeds went to Heifer International? Well, I’m a lucky, lucky girl because that is exactly what I did last night.

Anthropologie Little Rock is officially open for business, y’all! Yes, the Promenade at Chenal is sort of ridiculously far away (unless you reside in Chenal, I suppose), but it is 100% totally absolutely worth the drive. I received a very nice invitation from the corporate office (someone from their PR office stumbled across this) to attend the VIP opening party last night, so accompanied by my friend Elizabeth and with camera in tow, I went to check it out.

Anthropologie, Little Rock edish

In all her glory

This little, uh, shack housed lots of adorable kitchen supplies (and a tiny hidden bird's nest in the wall).

Loved the carpeted deer head with branch antlers.

Mmm..loved the book vignettes. These were found throughout the store.

Tani and Valerie of Heifer International


It should be noted that my friend Mark, pictured above, is a very talented artist and part of the visual merchandising team at Anthro.

Elizabeth saw this jacket on my recent post and had to have it (ok, maybe I pressured her a little...)!

I wanted to just roll this entire cart home with me.

Yikes! This was moments before the nice sales lady awkwardly informed us that, um, they were preparing to close, so we should probably start a dressing room. Ha!

I kept my purchases at a minimum last night for two reasons:

1. I’m going to NYC this month, y’all!

2. Notice that beautiful ring on my middle finger? Yeah, I’d purchased that earlier in the day.

However, I couldn’t leave without this lovely lady that has now been added to my closet:

The Facile Camp Shirt which I can’t wait to pair with some black riding pants and brown over the knee riding boots. These in particular. Gush.


Anthropologie  |  The Promenade at Chenal  |  17725 Chenal Parkway

Summer Daniel at the Box Turtle Fashion Show

Oh Hillcrest. I miss you. Since moving to Quapaw, I pine for you frequently. I miss deciding to take a two hour walk on a whim. I miss being able to run to Kroger mid-cupcaking because I forgot food coloring. Just because I don’t live there anymore doesn’t mean I would fathom missing the annual Hillcrest Harvestfest, that glorious gathering of all that is good and right. And because Harvestfest fell on Oct. 2nd this year, I suppose we can call this my first ode to October in 2010!

Like each year before this, Harvestfest didn’t disappoint. Taco truck? Check. Beer stands? Check. Box Turtle Fashion Show? Double check. My friend Summer was showing her collection (available for purchase at Box Turtle, btw), so I was there, camera in hand, to document her sweet, multi-hued dresses coming down the runway.


Summer making her speech



Love this blue dress with the bow.

I love the belted dresses, which were shown in both blue and pink.

Great detailing on this dress. Loved the cut outs around the neck.

Summer with her models (image courtesy of Box Turtle)

All in all, I loved Summer’s collection! And not just cause she’s my friend (though it helps – LOVE YOU GIRL!), but because these dresses are feminine, flattering for anyone and totally, 100% wearable. A lot of them could be paired with opaques, boots and a turtleneck and worn straight through winter. If you’d like to purchase one, they are for sale at Box Turtle in Little Rock or by contacting Summer personally at



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