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Currently Obsessed : Veronica Valencia for Barn Light Electric Co.

Veronica Valencia for Barn Light Electric Co. | Rosemary on the TV

Barn Light Electric Co. has long been a favorite of mine. Their fun-yet-industrial lighting collections always make me drool. But recently, I stumbled upon their collaboration with the creative mind behind designhunterLA, Veronica Valencia.

Veronica Valencia for Barn Light Electric Co. | Rosemary on the TV

Veronica Valencia for Barn Light Electric Co. | Rosemary on the TV

I can’t deal with how much I love this collection. The mix of bright, happy colors on industrial styles might be my favorite thing ever. I want these lights in every room of my house.

Veronica Valencia for Barn Light Electric Co. | Rosemary on the TV
Veronica Valencia for Barn Light Electric Co. | Rosemary on the TV

Check out the Barn Light Electric Co. website for more styles. And be sure and take a peek at Veronica’s gorgeous blog (unless you actually need to be productive today, in which case, PUT DOWN THE MOUSE AND BACK AWAY SLOWLY). And if you’re digging the images above, check out the photography blog of Ala Cortez here.

Veronica Valencia for Barn Light Electric Co. | Rosemary on the TV

See more here.

These are just a few of my favorites. I need, I NEED, that yellow pendant hanging above my kitchen sink. Which one is your favorite?

Home Office Inspiration

Now that I’m working from home, I spend the majority of my days in my “home office” which is currently a vintage sewing desk in the guest bedroom. With a printer on the floor underneath it. And stacks of junk everywhere. I’ve taken over the floor, the bed, the entire room. So I’ve got to get organized. And as I prepare to head to Dallas for a shopping/bridesmaid extravaganza weekend, I’m pulling together some serious home office inspiration.

f9e58827103f72f5b65a14ffe04539beMy personal favorite. I think the baskets really warm up the space and make it feel more like home and less like an office. I also love the brass lamps and open shelving.

2b22c2488b24dda5ab0bf02e44bf6c82Pops of color and live plants are also good. I love the warehouse ceiling but that’s not really an option in my guest bedroom.



I need a green chair. I just decided.

030864f51b6a863bdaf5d3efe3f43c03I adore Erin Gates’ office! The yellow lamps and ghost chair and white desks are way fab.

9fd09aef7c39ff59f682957028c7a275Or maybe I need a super fly velvet upholstered wingback?



This little office is actually the closest to my reality, since space is an issue and I’m typing this from a vintage desk. Maybe by next week I will have a fab home office to share with all of you!

Images: Basket office // Warehouse office // Green office // Erin Gates’ office // Velvet chair // Small office





southern living’s historic farmhouse renovation


Last year, Southern Living published the photos from their 2012 Idea House – a farmhouse floor plan decked out in charming neutrals and a brilliant mix of old and new. To say that I’ve been obsessed with this house ever since is a bit of an understatement. I frequently find myself trolling Pinterest for farmhouse photos, daydreaming about building a farmhouse of my own (something that I’ve never daydreamed about before), and coming back to this spread over and over again. I shocked myself when I realized I’d never blogged about it. Better late than never?















Kitchen Decisions. Round 1.

I’ve been putting off starting work on the kitchen for a few months because I just can’t seem to come to any sort of decision. But today, I think I made  a decision! Can you guess what it is?

Was that hint subtle enough or what? In case you’re still unsure, I’m thinking a green tile backsplash. One decision down.

Next up: our cabinets are barely off-white. Do I paint them white?

After that: what color to paint the walls?

Any help is appreciated.

{click images for sources}

mixing prints : let’s discuss

In theory.

Let’s have a frank conversation about mixing prints. Frank because I will admit: I’m a bit scared of it. So far, we haven’t really verged into decorating territory in our house.

Oh, there’s been some curtains here or a duvet cover there, but we haven’t made it down to the nitty gritty yet, having instead stayed in the large furniture/painting/project arena.

But once those projects near completion and we’re purchased our major furniture (it’ll happen…………….eventually), there will be drapes to make, pillows to purchase, rugs to decide on.

So what’s the secret?

Because It’s Awesome explains in four steps in this post:

  1. Pick a large-scale pattern with many colors in it: This one will set the tone for the whole room. The more colors it contains, the easier time you’ll have finding textiles to fit the mix in the room.
  2. Pick a medium-scale pattern with a few colors found in the first pattern:  Doesn’t need to have all the colors, but it definitely should have a different motif.
  3. Now, pick one small scale pattern with just a few or one of the colors found in the first two: This one can have a similar motif as one of the first two.
  4. Bonus: Add one or more very small-scale patterns or textures.

In execution.

Helpful? Yes. Am I still a scaredy cat? Definitely. So what about you? Do you have any tips or tricks for mixing prints?

{click images for sources. tips from because it’s awesome.}


Lawn Games

As everyone with a Pinterest account knows, Aaron and I tackled the front yard this spring. But what you might not know is that our  backyard is actually in worse shape than the front yard was. I’m not going to go into detail now because we aren’t planning to so much as look at the backyard until the temperature drops about 30 degrees. But I will tell you this: There will be a patio. And a firepit and grill. And places to sit. And parties and barbecues and all the other stuff you do when it’s delightful outside and you have a patio.

So if I plan to have lots of people over to hang in my backyard oasis, I need some sort of yard game, right? Let’s explore our options, shall we?


Requirements: A croquet set (mallets, balls, wickets) and a level stretch of lawn

Pros : Minimal set up, easy to play, makes you feel fancy/British/like a Kennedy

Cons: I’d have to put out the wickets every time I wanted to play, because they’d get stolen otherwise.


Requirements: a net (blah), racquets, shuttlecock

Pros: Still makes you feel fancy/British

Cons: Set up’s a bit more complicated, since I couldn’t leave the net outside all the time. Also, I suck at racquet sports.

Yard Bowling

Requirements: balls, pins, a wooden bowling alley if I want to be awesome


Cons: I will probably not be building a wooden bowling alley any time soon, so this photo loses a bit of luster.


Requirements: stakes, horseshoes

Pros: Incredibly easy set up, simple rules, reminds me of my roots (BEEBE, AR 4 LYFE!)

Cons: Is it enough to keep people really interested or would they bore easily?

Bocce Ball  or Pétanque 

Requirements: A court – could be grass or sand but needs sides and backboards of some sort, a bocce set

Pros: Can have many players, is similar to bowling (I LOVE BOWLING) and seems like an addictive sport

Cons: Set up is mid-level, not the easiest, not the most complicated. Also: I don’t exactly know how to play.


What do you think? Do you have a favorite lawn sport? Am I missing a very important one?

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The Cozy Guest Room

A recent deluge of out of town guests have been keeping me and my guest room busy. While I’m still working on the basics (ahem…nightstands! lamps!), I found this guest room checklist that has been acting as my long term inspiration:

I already have a few of these for guests: flowers, waste bin, scented candles, magazines, even snacks. What do you think? When you visit people, what would make the guest room more comfortable?

{image via}

Front Porch Round Up

While I’m appreciative (slash in awe of) all those DIYers out there, Aaron and I definitely know our limits. And for projects that we don’t feel confident tackling ourselves, we call Stanley the Handyman. Stanley was here today to build us a new set up attic stairs, so now we can store stuff in our 150 degree attic!

Oh, not a good idea? Okay.

Anyway, we had Stanley take a glance at the front door. It has gaps around the edges that you can see sunlight through, and rusty weather stripping that sometimes catches on my clothes when I walk through it. Stanley recommended we replace the door entirely and I went, “Yay!!!”

I really want a front door with a window, because our living room could use any extra light it can get. And guess what? Aaron actually agreed when I asked if I could paint it yellow!


So I got all excited about decorating our front porch around a yellow door!

Front porch now:

Here’s what’s on my mind:

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Paint dreams.

This story begins with my dad. You see, my dad, being exactly who he is, has been receiving Southern Living magazine for two years because he once agreed to a free issue before swiping his debit card at a local department store. Those tricky sales gimmicks – they don’t mention that what you’re actually signing up for is a free issue followed immediately by a paid subscription. And now that they have your debit card information you must call and cancel your “subscription” after you receive that one free issue. Or you will be charged for it.

Yeah, my dad didn’t call and cancel. He still hasn’t actually. He just receives his Southern Living magazines, then gives them to me, without argument. At first, I thought Southern Living magazine was all casseroles and doilies – a grandma magazine. Oh how wrong I was.

Southern Living is straight dope, y’all. And I bet that’s the first time it’s ever been described in exactly those words.

Well, one month, I opened my Southern Living magazine and saw this:

Oh my mother of holy wow.

I was immediately love-struck. Everything about this room was perfect. Most perfect of all : that paint color. I knew immediately that I wanted to paint our living/dining room THAT color. Such a sophisticated blue-green. Perfect.

The magazine credited the paint as (try not to giggle when I tell you this) Farrow & Ball’s Dix Blue. A little bit of research told me that a gallon of Farrow & Ball’s Dix Blue would cost $123.

Ha. So that option was out.

Next idea: acquire a paint chip, take it to Sherwin Williams and have them match the color in a more affordable paint. Easy enough right?

Uhhhhhhh….no. Turns out, Farrow & Ball paints are available almost exclusively to the trade only. Ugh. I am not “the trade” nor do I personally know anyone in “the trade” to ask them for a paint chip. I searched for Farrow & Ball locations online. Not a paint store anywhere even remotely close to me.

There was, however, a Farrow & Ball showroom in Soho. Yeah, as in New York. So I found myself emailing my New York friends late at night, begging them to take the subway WAY out of their way and get me a paint chip from Soho.

They laughed at my insanity, but a few weeks later, I was the proud owner of not just a paint chip, but an entire pamphlet of Farrow & Ball’s entire paint collection, thanks to my dear lil’ dawg, Elizabeth. Aaron and I wasted no time getting to Sherwin Williams and getting three gallons of Dix Blue matched in a low-sheen paint.

Now, let’s all take a look back at the living room’s journey:

When we moved in the walls and ceiling were a pleasant but too-dark-for-the-space grey. If I had high ceilings and lots of big windows, I would not have minded that color one bit. But it made the living room feel like a cave.

Painting the ceilings helped immensely. When you walked into the room, it felt like a literal weight was lifted from your shoulders.

When we put the paint on the walls, I’ll be honest, it turned out more blue and less blue-green than I expected/than it looked in the magazine. At first, I was unsure, but it has since grown on me tremendously.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand now, it looks like this:

Yes, I chose this picture because I was watching LOST and happened to snap the photo right when Desmond was on the screen.

Also, those couches are OFFICIALLY for sale. Email me if you want.


Solving my wallpaper dilemma.

Well, I’ve figured out the solution to my to-wallpaper-or-not-to-wallpaper inner struggle. You can read more about that here.

While browsing my daily blogs yesterday, I noticed a contest on Young House Love for a gift certificate from Royal Design Studio. With one click of my mouse, the clouds parted and I heard birds chirping and an angelic chorus singing, “Aaaaaahhhhh!”

Stencils. Duh. Of course I hadn’t thought of that. They are cheaper than wallpaper, easier to apply and get rid of, have basically the same effect and I can control how in-your-face the outcome is.

We decided we’d try stenciling the long wall in the dining room. So last night, Aaron and I scoured the Royal Design Studio website and narrowed it down to five:

We played the “least favorite” game, and as most couples do, Aaron immediately eliminated my favorite (the first one), and I immediately eliminated his favorite (the last one). We were both sort of “meh” about the blue Moroccan print in the middle, which left us with Endless Circle Lattice and Large Hollywood Squares.

We aren’t completely decided either way, but we’re leaning toward Endless Circle Lattice. Then, our next decision will be of paint color. We have four options:

1. We can stencil in white over whatever color our living/dining room walls eventually become.

2. We can stencil in a lighter color of whatever our living/dining room walls eventually become.

3. We can create an accent wall in a different color and stencil in white.

4. We can create an accent wall in a different color and stencil in whatever our living/dining room walls eventually become.

My favorite example of #3 is this room, which I love:

What are your thoughts? Have you ever tried stenciling? Are accent walls totally played out?

Any and all opinions on this matter are welcome. Please and thank you.

{top four images via Royal Design Studio}

{bottom image via here}


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