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Our Wes Anderson-Inspired Couples Shower

A Wes Anderson-Inspired Couples Wedding Shower | Rosemary on the TV

The wedding approacheth, guys. Three weeks-ish until Aaron and I are united as one and I’m free to get fat and cut my hair off. Just kidding. Sorta. Leading up to the wedding, we’ve had a few wedding-related events, including a couples shower that our wonderful wedding party threw us. When my man of honor, Cody, and I were talking about what sort of details to include in the shower, we got a bit carried away (as we tend to do when we’re together), and we decided a Wes Anderson shower would be a fun theme that wasn’t overdone or too girly.

A Wes Anderson-Inspired Couples Wedding Shower | Rosemary on the TV

A Wes Anderson-Inspired Couples Wedding Shower | Rosemary on the TV

A Wes Anderson-Inspired Couples Wedding Shower | Rosemary on the TV

We had already rented the recently renovated Big Maumelle Pavilion at Pinnacle Moutain State Park, which is out in the woods near the water. Our Moonrise Kingdom-esque camp setting was good to go, albeit a little hard to find. Sorry to all our friends who got lost driving around in the woods. Oops!

A Wes Anderson-Inspired Couples Wedding Shower | Rosemary on the TV

A Wes Anderson-Inspired Couples Wedding Shower | Rosemary on the TV

Next up: props. Since my mom is currently renovating her house, canvas drop cloths were numerous and accessible, so we used them as tablecloths over the metal picnic tables. My mom also used to own a theater and still has a storage shed full of great props, so we raided her prop supplies and our houses for anything that reminded us of Wes Anderson: directors chairs, vintage suitcases, lanterns, globes.

A Wes Anderson-Inspired Couples Wedding Shower | Rosemary on the TV

A Wes Anderson-Inspired Couples Wedding Shower | Rosemary on the TV

The True Love letterpress print is by my friends Roll & Tumble Press, and is available here. The boxing gloves above, framed butterflies below and the landscape paint-by-numbers art in the top photo are all from Clement/Sweet Home in Little Rock.

A Wes Anderson-Inspired Couples Wedding Shower | Rosemary on the TV

A Wes Anderson-Inspired Couples Wedding Shower | Rosemary on the TV

Cody came through with some great props as well, all scored from his friend, Nashville stylist Kate Mills of, including a gramophone and old tennis rackets. For actual music, however, we had a great playlist of Wes Anderson soundtrack music, made by the best man.

A Wes Anderson-Inspired Couples Wedding Shower | Rosemary on the TV

A Wes Anderson-Inspired Couples Wedding Shower | Rosemary on the TV

For dinner, we kept things simple. My dad smoked some brisket, pulled pork and chicken, and the bridal party pitched in potluck style and made baked beans, potato salad and pasta salad.

A Wes Anderson-Inspired Couples Wedding Shower | Rosemary on the TV

A Wes Anderson-Inspired Couples Wedding Shower | Rosemary on the TV

A Wes Anderson-Inspired Couples Wedding Shower | Rosemary on the TV

For dessert, I set up a s’mores bar, which I think was a hit, but I’m not entirely sure because I was too busy stuffing my face with s’mores.

A Wes Anderson-Inspired Couples Wedding Shower | Rosemary on the TV

A Wes Anderson-Inspired Couples Wedding Shower | Rosemary on the TV

Our centerpiece, however, was the canoe. A perfect example of why my man of honor is my man of honor. In all of our party planning brainstorming, I said it would be SO COOL if we could get a canoe to fill with ice and serve drinks out of. Cody didn’t bat an eyelash, and showed up at my house that day with a canoe strapped to his truck.

A Wes Anderson-Inspired Couples Wedding Shower | Rosemary on the TV Aaron and I felt so thankful that our friends came out to support us. Also a huge thank you to Heather Canterbury for taking all the amazing photos in this post!


A Breakfast at Tiffany’s Bridal Shower

I spent last weekend in Dallas because my best friend from college is getting married soon and we had a bridal shower to throw! The theme was “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” because it’s one of Lyddy’s favorite movies (she’s a classy gal). I was in charge of invitations:

Breakfast at Tiffany's Bridal Shower | Rosemary on the TV #invitation #design #wedding

Lyddy’s little sister and Maid of Honor, Sarah, did an amazing job coordinating and throwing the shower. There were petit fours that looked like Tiffany’s boxes, centerpieces with white hydrangeas in Tiffany’s hatboxes, and as party favors, everyone left with a Tiffany’s box of M&Ms that said “Lyddy & Co.”


2013-09-22 11.08.06 copy

2013-09-22 14.07.43

And of course, a “Lyddy & Co.” banner with photo props:

Breakfast at Tiffany's Bridal shower  Rosemary on the TV

All in all, a successful morning! Congrats, Lyddy!

2013-09-22 11.10.16

My Miniature Obsession with Miniature Foods

Two things you should know about me:

1. Every time I eat something delicious, be it at home, a restaurant or a party, I immediately begin to think of ways to turn said delicious food into an adorable, bite-sized party food.

2. I love Southern foods.

Combining #1 and #2 means miniature Southern foods make my little heart go pitter patter as seen here, when I threw a Southern brunch for a friend. That said, I squealed with joy when I came across an entire SPREAD on miniature party foods in this month’s issue of Southern Living.

Cracker Spoons with Creamy Pimiento Cheese

Shrimp Boil Skewers

Fried Green Tomato Sliders

Buttermilk Chicken and Waffles (I love you, Southern Living, but I totally did this first.)

Chicken Salad Tarts

Mint Julep Gelees

Mini Berry Cobblers

Those miniature skillets KILL me. I have to get some to make individual servings of my Triple Berry Bourbon pie. What’s your favorite Southern food?

A Southern Brunch

My friend Summer is moving to New York City next week, so I thought it only fitting to throw her a southern-style brunch before she heads north, featuring all her favorite southern foods. With the help of my lovely co-hosts, Jessi and Chad, the brunch was a success, and we all ate until we nearly burst.

The Menu:

Shrimp & Grits

Bite-sized Chicken & Waffles

BBQ Pork Sliders

Berries & Cream

Summer’s Deviled Eggs

Pimento Cheese

Banana Bread Sandwiches with Cream Cheese & Strawberries (my fave!)

Fried Squash


Jalapeno Cheddar Cornbread muffins

Buttermilk Biscuits

Whiskey Peach Tea

Rosemary-infused Lemonade

And my friend/famed pie maker Autumn of Avant Tarte brought pecan and triple berry pies that were the perfect finishing touch! You can try her pies for yourself at Big Orange (you’ll be glad you did!).

Oh, and here’s the invitation I made:

Casie and Sam’s Wedding Photobooth

Aaron and I got home from Dallas last night and unloaded all of our IKEA spoils. We did good, y’all. Dining room chairs, dining room rug, plus much, much more. The plan was to get home from work today and take some photos to show you all how darn good the dining room is looking now, but I forgot one thing: THE STINKING TIME CHANGE! It was completely dark by the time I got home which = not good for photos. Tomorrow, ok?

In the meantime, I wanted to share a few photos from the super cool photobooth I recently did for my friends’ wedding. A backdrop, some props, a light and my camera, and guests were encouraged to go nuts! The whole ordeal was pretty easy and super fun for everyone involved, and turns out that photobooths are a great way to keep a wedding guestbook. Also: a good way to get your great aunt to wear a fake mustache.

Here are a few of my favorites (including what is soon to be me and Aaron’s Christmas card!):

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

I’ve got a sunburn and a homemade pitcher of margaritas. Which can only mean one thing:

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

1. Eat Ancho chicken tacos with cilantro slaw and avocado cream. 2. Embellish with tin cans from the international foods section of your grocery store. 3. Wear this gorgeous dress from Anthropologie. 4. Socialize with friends under twinkling lights. 5. Indulge in margarita cupcakes! 6. Please guests with festive appetizers. 7. Experiment with different flavors of Mexican soda. 8. Play with pinatas. 9. Decorate with DIY paper flags. 10. Drink up with fresh lime margaritas.

P. Allen Smith’s Garden Home

Last weekend,  I was invited to a garden and home tour of P. Allen Smith’s estate at Moss Mountain Farm. While most people who read this blog are from Arkansas, where P. Allen Smith is (nearly) a household name, those of you who are unaware of this “Martha Stewart of the South” should read this New York Times article, that even references the tour/dinner party I attended.

Anyway,  knowing what I know about P. Allen, I expected a beautiful old house and garden. I did not expect to walk into my dream house.  Seriously. Dream. House. I loved every bedroom, every bathroom, every detail. I loved the gardens, the barn, the table settings for the dinner party. I was taking photos for the magazine, so (thank god) I had my camera with me and was able to snap a few to share with you here.

Moss Mountain Farm exterior

This outdoor bedroom was a favorite of mine. The day I visited, it was about 105 degrees outside, but in Arkansas, it would be comfortable to sleep in this porch room from April through October.  And I probably would.

And no, I would not hesitate to take a bath in the copper tub in the porch room.

One of my favorite guest bedrooms. (Excuse the shoddy photography – I was trying to be stealthy.)

Loved the desk with vintage fan and TERRARIUMS! So presh.

This room was on the third floor and acts as a “dormitory” for Allen’s nieces and nephews. The other side of the stairwell contained four small children’s beds, but I particularly loved this room. It’s young without being theme-y and would transition well through teenage years into young adulthood.

Moving down to the basement, I loved the faux-tree limb bed frame and framed botany prints on the wall.

Dream kitchen! Oh the damage I could do…

Off the living room and kitchen on the first floor, another screened-in room included comfy sofas and an adorably blue outdoor dining table.

Allen’s studio off the main house.

An amazing set up for the dinner party. A huge tent outside the barn with hanging baskets, linen table clothes and watermelon and tomato centerpieces.

The four-course meal included tomato and watermelon gazpacho, heirloom tomatoes with buffalo mozzarella (so good!), farm-raised chicken and vegetables and a chocolate and peanut butter mousse for dessert. I’m honestly not a huge fan of tomatoes throughout the year, but an Arkansas home-grown tomato in the summertime can’t be beat. The tomato/mozzarella course was definitely a favorite, but the gazpacho was also amazing.

My only complaint about the entire evening (other than the sweltering heat) was that it once it got dark, the waitstaff had a difficult time seeing who had been served which course. This meant lots of confusion and waiting around while everyone around you ate. The entire meal took around four hours, which, in my personal opinion, is a long time to make small talk with the strangers sitting around you. It also meant lots and lots and LOTS of flies congregating on the pans of cornbread. But other than that, I had a fantastic time.

That would be me, P. and my co-worker Jillian. The event was a benefit for the Oxford American, so I really appreciated the invitation. Definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity (though an invitation for the fall would be greatly appreciated!).


I’m hanging my head in shame right now.   I haven’t updated since July.  It’s disgusting.  Sick.  Gross.  I’m sorry, ok?

I’ve been meaning to post this lovely little picture for a minute and keep forgetting.  So here we are.  Lula celebrated her 1st birthday on September 13th so we had a small get together in her honor.  My mother commented on what a feat it was to get 15 people to a dog’s birthday party.  I truly believe it was the promise of pupcakes that was the clencher for most.


Pupcakes for Lula's 1st birthday party!
Photo courtesy of Shannon Sturgis
Lucky for me, Baby Lu’s birthday falls fairly close to Halloween, so finding bone-shaped candy wasn’t difficult.  The pupcakes were chocolate cake with green “grass” frosting, a bone stuck in the center and a sprinkling of Oreo crumbs to look like freshly dug up dirt.  Viola!  Pupcakes.

The only hangup was my grass frosting.  Taking inspiration from Martha Stewart’s Ladybug Cupcakes, I made sure I had the right Ateco tip and everything, but my Swiss Meringue Buttercream was just too creamy!  What should’ve looked like sprigs of grass ended up looking like gloopy, green…well, frosting.  But the cupcakes were still adorable/delicious, and Lula will have another birthday next year.  I’ll try a second attempt at grass frosting then, I guess.

Speaking of ladybug’s, guess what my co-workers Casie and Megan got Lula for her birthday?


Action shot
Action shot


She was surprisingly not fussy about wearing a costume.


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