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Wednesday Wishlist : Brittany of Postmodernmess

This week’s wishlist was so kindly curated by Miss Brittany Hallmark of the Tumblr Postmodernmess. No, no, we are not related – that we know of. But we did become friends after consistently confusing the bartenders at White Water Tavern and unintentionally buying each others’ drinks a few times. I still think we should do some research on one of those hokey family tree websites to figure out how related or unrelated we really are. So while I poke around on, you check out Brittany’s wishlist!

One thing I always anticipate about summertime in Arkansas is the farmer’s market. I love cooking at home and nothing tastes better than fresh, local ingredients. My boyfriend and I are  second-year gardeners and there is something really gratifying about preparing an entire meal using ingredients that you have grown.

1. National Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Wildflowers

2. Mason Jar Meals

3. Straw Hat

4. Garden in a Bag

5Botanical Chart Card – Rifle Paper Company

{photo by Brittany!}

Wednesday Wishlist : Hannah of Sundry Mumsy

Happy Wednesday! I’ve got a wishlist for you today from blogger/mom/artist/model/wearer of many hats, Hannah Alexander. She’s just one big (stylish) ball of talent and awesomeness, which you can see for yourself by reading her adorable blog, Sundry Mumsy, checking out her work at Hannah’s Hand, or admiring her ridiculous (in a good way) illustrations on At Home in Arkansas’s blog.

When I was in college I studied in Italy for a summer.  About this time of year, every year, I can’t help but reminisce about that glorious summer in Europe.

When I came across this picture, taken in Milan by Scott Schumann, aka The Sartorialist, I was reminded of all that was beautiful about Italy.  I love the clothes on the line, the breezy expression on her face, her stylish yet effortless attire.  Everything about this image makes me itch for an Italian get-away.  So since an overseas vacation is not going to happen for me anytime soon, my wish list is compiled of a few things that just might bring a taste of Italy to me.

1. Women’s Organic Cotton Mariniere, Petit Bateau $78

2. Button Pocket Midi Skirt, ASOS $60
3. Nude Leather Triple Keeper Skinny Belt, Topshop $32
4. Bialetti Moka Espress Espresso Makers, Sur la table, $60
5. Plato Dutch Bike, Urban Outfitters Bike Shop, $399

Wednesday Wishlist : Bettie B. of Marvel Comics

This week’s wishlist comes to us from Marvel comic book colorist Elizabeth “Bettie” Breitweiser. Yes, you read that correctly. And I know what you’re thinking. “Rosemary, how do you know all these cool people?!?!?!” I don’t know, ok? I just do. But if we want to get technical, Bettie and I are both former Beebe Badgers. As in we went to high school together. She was homecoming queen.

I was….not.

You can see more of her coloring work on comics such as the Hulk and Captain America (I know. I KNOW.) here. But read on to find out how she’d color her kitschy kitchen.

I took inspiration for my wish list from one of the greatest vintage cook books in the history of man, Betty Crocker’s Dinner for Two.  This little midcentury gem features beautiful illustrations from one of my very favorite artists, Charley Harper. As a kid, I would spend hours pouring over my grandmother’s first edition copy, soaking up it’s whimsical illustrations & cleverly written anecdotes.

I’ve decided this summer I want to give my own kitchen a healthy dose of that same vintage whit and whimsy:

1. Winking Wisecraker Jar.

2. My newest obsession: Collecting swoon-inducing shades of vintage Pyrex.

3. For your wall or your nosh: Natural World Dessert Plates.

4. Strawberry-Rhubarb Apron to flutter about in.

5. And of course, a new pair of shoes to make sure I personally match all of my new kitchen accessories! 😉

Wednesday Wishlist : Summer D.

This week’s Wednesday Wishlist comes from my good friend and local fashion designer Summer Daniel. Summer makes adorable dresses that can be purchased at Box Turtle (seen here). Reasons you should be envious of/befriend Summer:

1. She just landed every book nerd’s dream job as a librarian.

2. She is unreasonably fashionable.

3. She just got a cute new apartment, and maybe if you are her friend, she will invite you over for a drink.


I’ve been on a serious kick lately to revamp my apartment.  As a result, I have been obsessively scouring for ideas.  I still wanted to have a Southern vibe to my home so when I came across this little gem, I fell in love.  After getting seriously inspired  I came up with my top five “must haves” that would skyrocket my cute apartment into awesomeness.  Here we go….

1.  A book after my own heart…Modern Vintage Style $29.95

2. So my new home smells oh so good….KOBO Fresh Currant $38.00

3. To see my way….squirrel lamp $88.00

4. For my gallery wall…felt animal head $74.99

5. Perfect in purple…Birdcage Quiet Lilac $6.50 a yard

Wednesday Wishlist : Sarah & Brian of Westervin

I’m super excited about this week’s wishlist! Two of my college friends, Sarah Ervin and Brian West, collaborate over at the blog Westervin and may or may not (read: may) be planning their very own wedding.  You’ll die for their amazing Save the Dates. But before you do that, check out what they’re loving (besides each other! D’oh!) these days.

Tis the season of bright sun, loud music, and new adventures. Tis the season of vacations. But this year, forget summer road trips. Travel the country by train! For our honeymoon, we hope to hop on the Texas Eagle from Chicago to Austin, and we’ve picked out a few items to take with us on our travels:

1. Vintage medium format camera for documenting the fun : Ebay
2. Brian’s sweet tooth won’t permit us to go anywhere without packing a snack! This recipe for Lalo’s Famous Cookies sounds delish. :Lottie and Doof
3. Ticket to Ride board game for passing the time : Amazon
4. The greatest allowance of train travel? No need for a designated driver! Pack a liquid pick-me-up in this handmade Compass Rose Flask Set : Etsy
5. Vintage suitcase, big enough for two light packers such as ourselves : Etsy

Wednesday Wishlist : Christie of Roll & Tumble Press

Do y’all know Christie? She’s like…the coolest. Maybe ever. She has this Etsy shop. I don’t know, you might have heard of it, say, if you read any blogs at all. It’s called Roll & Tumble Press, and at this Etsy shop, you can buy all of Christie’s ridiculously awesome letterpress prints. You might also know her as one half of the new Hillcrest tattoo shop, Electric Heart Tattoos, which she owns with her equally talented husband Caleb.

If, by chance, you don’t know her…well, now don’t you wish you did?

1. bluer than blue typography
2. words + Wayne White = art for my den
3. a decorating dream….his and hers.
4. this lil’ beauty…beach, barbecue and bands…
5. perfect when visiting friends in Nashville, ~ yee-haw

Wednesday Wishlist : Nicole of Jim et Nicole

I’m very excited to get started with our newest feature here at Rosemary on the TV! I’ve asked a group of fellow bloggers/creators/folks about town to curate a wishlist for me that I’ll share with you every Wednesday. First up, I’ve asked Nicole of the lovely blog Jim et Nicole to share her current faves, which is perfectly fitting because her birthday is tomorrow! Be sure and wish her a happy day!  -R.

After seeing this dreamy spread on Coco + Kelley last week, I’ve been daydreaming of the perfect picnic. Here in Little Rock, my husband and I like to picnic at Knoop Park. It’s a quiet spot, just outside the downtown area with one of the best views of the skyline. We’ll sit for hours, eating, drinking and playing cards. What’s your favorite picnic spot? What do you like to pack?

1. Sienna Rose picnic basket with service for 2, $66, Picnic Fun
2. Quilt, from $104.99, West Elm
3. Picnic dress by Rachel Comey, La Garconne, $426
4. Sunnies by Karen Walker, $156, Summerland
5. Perfect cheese plate (photo via Chronicles of Naurnie)
(a handy guide on how to make the perfect cheese plate via A Cup of Jo)


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