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Easter Egg-perimentation

Thanks for humoring my insane cheesy blog post titles sometimes.


Today, I’ve got a guest post up over at Bourbon and Boots, where I’m sharing how to create marbleized Easter eggs. They turned out really well, but while I was making them, I experimented with a few other ways to dye eggs. I used water, vinegar and food coloring for all of these eggs, so they would be edible later on (when I definitely plan to make deviled eggs out of them).

For all the eggs here, I used this simple formula:

– Hardboiled eggs

– 1/2 cup water

– 1 Tbsp vinegar

– 10 drops food coloring in any color or combination of colors

Marbleized, Ombre, and Dark-dyed Easter Eggs | Rosemary on the TV #holiday #DIY

Aaron has been bringing home gorgeous farm-fresh eggs, thanks to one of his co-workers, so when I was hard boiling eggs, I included a few brown and light green eggs, which created really rich, beautiful hues.

Marbleized, Ombre, and Dark-dyed Easter Eggs | Rosemary on the TV #holiday #DIY

I’d seen ombre Easter egg tutorials online that involved six cups, labeled A-F, all with an assigned number of food coloring drops. Just FYI: that is totally not necessary. Make one cup for each color, and put each egg in for 30 seconds longer than the last one. Here, I started with a white egg in the dye for 30 seconds, then the second egg was in dye for a minute, then I switched to light green eggs, then brown.

Marbleized, Ombre, and Dark-dyed Easter Eggs | Rosemary on the TV #holiday #DIY

And finally, the marbleized eggs for Bourbon and Boots, which you can find out how to make over on their site today.

Are you dying eggs this year? Any fun ideas to share?

10 Favorite: Easter Eggs

Total honesty: I have never dyed an egg in my life.

Ok, actual total honesty: There might’ve been one Easter when I was a kid when I dyed an egg. I have a vague memory of it.

But these days? With my schedule? And no kids? Yeah, Easter eggs just don’t happen. Every year, I pin my favorites and every year, Easter comes and goes, I throw together a side dish, arrive at Grandmother’s house, eat till I’m comatose and eggs go undyed once again. But I won’t be discouraged! One year, I WILL do something totally awesome to eggs (besides this, which is maybe the most awesome thing you can do to an egg). And until then, I will continue to amass creative egg ideas.

Here are my current favorites:EasterEggs1

gold marbled easter eggs | pantone easter eggs | marbleized easter eggs | crystal egg geodes | graphic pattern eggs


sequin easter eggs | ombre easter eggs | rock easter eggs | french fruit eggs | gold leaf easter eggs

Do you dye eggs? Got any great ideas for Easter decor that are quick and easy?


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