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“Will You Be My Bridesmaid” Boxes

Though wedding plans are few and far between around here, there are a few details that I was quick to lock in. Namely, my bridal party, our venue and a date. Everything else is just a bunch of ideas and Pinterest boards. But I wanted to give my bridal party a little something something. Not only as a way of officially asking them, but as a pre-thanks for putting up with my Bridezilla tendencies and to give them an idea of the look and feel I am going for with the wedding as a whole.


(Image not animating? Click it!)

I chose a few small items that were in the color palette and style of my wedding’s theme. Berry colors, navy, black and that sort of craft-paper brown with a little name tag featuring a tree (since we’re getting married in the woods) and I tied the card to a moss ball (because we’ll get married in a mossy spot in the woods). Other fun items include a candle, a can of Sofia champagne, chocolate covered berries and Kiehl’s eye cream for my Man of Honor, and Essie nail polish for the ladies.


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