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My Home Office : RHC LLC Headquarters

As many of you know, back in September I quit my job and started my own business – Rosemary Hallmark Creative, LLC – and I now freelance full time from my home office.

My Home Office | Rosemary on the TV

Um, the only problem is that this (^) is my “home office”. It’s actually half of our guest bedroom and mostly just a pile of junk. Until Christmas, I was spending every day in an uncomfortable dining chair. I upgraded when my mom got me the white leather office chair as a Christmas gift.

My Home Office | Rosemary on the TV

But I was still sitting in a pile of junk with my printer propped up on a pile of boxes under my feet. This was not an inspiring workplace, that’s for sure. So a few weeks ago, my friend Brittany and I borrowed my dad’s truck and made a day trip to IKEA in Dallas. Brittany was moving into a new apartment and needed to load up on furniture. I needed to get my office in shape, so I made the following purchases:

My Home Office | Rosemary on the TV

VITTSJO Shelving Unit for $59 // KNIPSA baskets for $14.99 each  // KASSETT magazine file, a two-pack for $4.99

My Home Office | Rosemary on the TV

And suddenly, I had an office! I feel so much more organized (because I am!). The VITTSJO shelf is deep enough to hold my printer, which is wireless, and I use the baskets to hold camera equipment and things like cards, envelopes, etc. On the top shelf, I have inexpensive ($2 each) file boxes from Michaels that hold things like receipts, CDs, cords, and other small items. And now that everything is cleaned up, there’s space for Lula’s bed and she hangs out at my feet all day long.

My Home Office | Rosemary on the TV

And of course, my magazines. Finally, for the first time, all sorted, organized and labeled. The metal magazine/file holder we hung on the wall was a yard sale purchase I got for $5.

My Home Office | Rosemary on the TV

With Aaron’s help, I finally got the bulletin board hung up on the wall. It’s been leaned on the desk since I bought it. And if you’re wondering about my gorgeous desk, it’s a vintage sewing desk that my best friend gave me when he was moving and couldn’t take it with him. So: free. The best kind of desk.

My Home Office | Rosemary on the TV

My Home Office | Rosemary on the TV

I’m so much happier now with my cleaned up work space!

My Home Office | Rosemary on the TV

The guest bedroom is almost finished, now that my office space is set up. Back around Christmas, I added a Nate Berkus for Target lamp since we had guests coming for the week and, you know, they needed light.

My Home Office | Rosemary on the TV

And we replaced the closet doors in the fall! They used to look like this. The room still needs an area rug and some art here and there, and unfortunately…we still haven’t replaced this:

My Home Office | Rosemary on the TV

The world’s ugliest ceiling fan, which has haunted me since move-in day. But overall, I’d say it’s made quite a transformation from this:

My Home Office | Rosemary on the TV



Home Office Inspiration

Now that I’m working from home, I spend the majority of my days in my “home office” which is currently a vintage sewing desk in the guest bedroom. With a printer on the floor underneath it. And stacks of junk everywhere. I’ve taken over the floor, the bed, the entire room. So I’ve got to get organized. And as I prepare to head to Dallas for a shopping/bridesmaid extravaganza weekend, I’m pulling together some serious home office inspiration.

f9e58827103f72f5b65a14ffe04539beMy personal favorite. I think the baskets really warm up the space and make it feel more like home and less like an office. I also love the brass lamps and open shelving.

2b22c2488b24dda5ab0bf02e44bf6c82Pops of color and live plants are also good. I love the warehouse ceiling but that’s not really an option in my guest bedroom.



I need a green chair. I just decided.

030864f51b6a863bdaf5d3efe3f43c03I adore Erin Gates’ office! The yellow lamps and ghost chair and white desks are way fab.

9fd09aef7c39ff59f682957028c7a275Or maybe I need a super fly velvet upholstered wingback?



This little office is actually the closest to my reality, since space is an issue and I’m typing this from a vintage desk. Maybe by next week I will have a fab home office to share with all of you!

Images: Basket office // Warehouse office // Green office // Erin Gates’ office // Velvet chair // Small office






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