Screen Actors Guild Awards Fashion Recap

I feel like kind of a phony writing this post because I don’t have cable, and since the SAG awards showed on TNT last night…well, I didn’t watch them. However, that hasn’t stopped me from scouring the interwebs today looking at photos from last night’s dresses. And I have to say, last night showed DEFINITE improvement from the Golden Globes. Don’t you agree? Here’s hoping this is one step toward fabulous red carpet style at the Oscars!

First, some of my favorites:

Loved Mila Kunis in this Alexander McQueen dress. She seems to have a fiery, yet laid back personality, so I thought the print, color and flowy feel all worked.

Claire Danes has been hitting it out of the park lately. I am in love with this Louis Vuitton dress, everything about it except the belt, which hung down a bit low in the front, don’t you think?

Heeeeey girl! While Tina Fey usually has the good sense not to arrive at awards shows looking like a total fool, she usually wears something tasteful and stays below the radar of fashion critics – from both the best and worst sides. But girl BROUGHT IT last night in this red lace Oscar de la Renta number with spot-on hair and makeup. Bravo, girl.


Jayma Mays looked the best she ever has last night. This dress was an unusual color, but she totally pulled it off.

Ok, seriously? How good does Amber Riley look? I think she looks amazing. That’s all I have to say about that.

Hooray for a vast improvement from the Golden Globes! Natalie looked stunning last night. I’m so glad she chose not to try to hide that bump. It never works, y’all. We know you’re pregnant. We won’t hate you for it. As a matter of fact, it’s pretty much the only time you can wear a dress that screams “look at my big ole belly!” and get away with it.

I think Lea Michele always looks great on the red carpet and last night was no different. It was even a sexy departure from her usual ballgown and updo. I’m noticing a lot of belted dresses, and I can’t decide if it’s a trend or if it was just a fluke. Your thoughts?

I’m not going to rip on this look too much because a) Hailee Steinfeld is, like, twelve and b) it’s probably the closest that anyone is going to get to even remotely pulling off something from Prada’s Spring collection (yeah, I said it). But still, she reminds me of candy corn.

I love her. I hate this. The halter straps around her neck go under her boobs, in case you can’t see it in the photo. That is weird. And while I can commend any girl who isn’t afraid to flaunt her ivory skin (I’m obsessively applying self tanner as I write this), this color just didn’t work on her. And I can tell you that if you ever see ME with my hair pulled back that tight, it’s only because I either haven’t showered or my first attempt totally failed. Just sayin.

I keep eyeing this dress trying to figure out what, exactly, I dislike about it. Maybe it’s a bit prom-y. Maybe it’s the color. Maybe it’s because Winona looks totally uncomfortable in it. Regardless, I don’t like this look. Nor do I like her ponytail (?).

This dress was way too frou frou for Angie Harmon. She has all the perfect hair and bone structure to rock a really hot, sophisticated look, but instead she looks like she’s late for a Pretty, Pretty Princess slumber party.

While there’s nothing wrong with a pink dress, this one was just….blinding. It’s hurting my eyes right now as I try to type this. While the shoulder draping could be pretty, the harsh black shoes and belt don’t work with it. And she’s got that pointy eye shadow thing going on that I do NOT like.

Like Julianne Moore at the Globes, Kim looks as though she’s been in this dress for days. It’s wrinkled and unflattering. And that one bejeweled boob is freaking me out. It looks like the weight of all those rhinestones is pulling down on that side of her dress and she’s at risk of flashing the photogs at any moment.


And while I’m on the subject of black-tie apparel, Saturday night I attended Saints and Sinners, the Arkansas Repertory Theatre’s annual ball. I wore a black dress I purchased about five years ago in New York that has proved to be a reliable go-to dress when I’m working events. It’s black, strapless, tea-length and the skirt has these little cut-out leaves all over it. And Saturday, I found an amazing black and rhinestone statement necklace to pair with it. I was totally pumped about this look….until I arrived at the event and another girl was wearing the EXACT same dress!!!!!!

And would you believe that she and I were SEATED NEXT TO EACH OTHER AT DINNER?! All you can do is laugh at the odds of something like that happening.


3 Responses to “Screen Actors Guild Awards Fashion Recap”

  1. 1 nicole b. January 31, 2011 at 11:31 pm

    You had a real-life “Bitch Stole My Look” moment! Incredible! You look beautiful, and I’m glad you had fun with it.

    Favorite: January Jones

    Least favorite (a tie): Christina Hendricks, Winona Ryder and Angie Harmon – if you are merely a presenter you do not wear a gown like that. OK, you should NEVER wear a gown like that (period). xo.

  2. 2 rosemaryonthetv January 31, 2011 at 11:44 pm

    I did! It was incredible. Especially since the dress was old and bought far, far away from here. And I know her! She is the Rep’s marketing coordinator, so she set me up with the seat next to her. Crazy.

    Girl, Christina Hendricks was a hot mess. I should’ve posted her.

  3. 3 Jillian McGehee February 1, 2011 at 4:52 am

    Rosemary, I need you to teach hair-styling classes, mkay? I need to know how to doll mine up for fancy events. Thanks.

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